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Bananas Peel Off at 11! Gorillas Expected to Follow!

Street Watch… Over 1000 hairy apes will take over Wynkoop Street Saturday morning. Starting at the Wynkoop Brewery, the giant band will dash down Wynkoop, crossing Manny’s Bridge over Cherry Creek and descend to the bike path below. A bit later, they’ll return to Wynkoop via 15th Street, make a hard left in front of […]

Hide the Bananas!

Gorillas will fill the streets on Saturday for the seventh annual Denver Gorilla Run, benefitting the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. And, it all starts, of course, and ends, at the Wynkoop Brewery. So, at about 11:00, the mounted pace bananas will depart followed by over a thousand (Count ’em!) gorillas. All shapes and sizes and […]