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A Break in the Chain…and Other News

The imposing “Block of Chains” running from Larimer to the Corner Bakery and The Palm along the 16th Street Mall has lost one of its links. Ling & Louie’s closed its location here and the space will turn into Ambria, with another mountain chef, Jeremy Kittelson coming down from Avon. Fear not, chain lovers. You […]

A Typical Fall Weekend Forecast for Downtown Denver…Maybe a Little Rain, A Lot of Art, and, of course, Fireworks!

Seasonal fall weather is upon us. Today’s sunshine may end up as rain. But, that shouldn’t dampen any of the events and activities going on in Downtown Denver. (By the way, did you know that if you click on the Weather Channel ad to the right, you’ll get the current conditions…and forecast…for this very zip […]

Weekend Preview…

In the Dog Days of November (that time between the end of the World Series¬†or the¬†Election and the start of College Basketball)… There are hundreds of things you can do this weekend in Downtown Denver. Check out all the activities of Denver Arts Week here at their site. Or, take in a film. The 33rd […]