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Denver Cruisers Report for June 22…

It looked more like “Bike to Quirk Day” for the Denver Cruisers last night in Downtown Denver. In fact, it was their homage to duct tape and bubble wrap, not necessarily in that order. How many were there? Nobody really counts, but hundreds would be close. And, they were running laps in the shape of […]

Getting Around…Walk Here. Ride There.

“I thought of that while riding my bicycle.” —Albert Einstein Denver is a very bicycle friendly place. Trails and bike routes cover the city and suburbs. They are less clear Downtown. But, they exist…along with a few rules…in the urban core as well. We want to talk about bicycles on the sidewalks. Not legal. Back […]

Season’s Over. That was a Good Ride!

Denver by the Slice is known to be a baseball fan, but that’s not entirely what this post is about. Yes, the Rockies ended their home schedule yesterday on September 29. For much of the season, we were led to believe they were true contenders. In the end, they were true¬†pretenders. But, it was fun […]