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Nice of the City to turn the Civic Center lights all Orange and Blue. Then, they played the game…

Was this a Sign?

Time to Change the Channel. And, Take Out the Trash.

After a rude ending to what certainly was a hopeful Broncos season, and guessing you didn’t really feel all that much better after watching the Golden Globe Awards, we present an opportunity to learn a little more about life…somewhere besides Denver. Here are some questions, no doubt on someone’s mind or laptop, about some of […]

Happy New Year Greetings from Croatia!

We’ve landed. And, we have good connectivity. Tonight, New Year’s Eve in Split, will be loud and fun. There will be an enormous crowd on the Promenade for fireworks over the harbor and the music of one of our favorite bands, Beat Fleet, Croatia’s most popular. What luck! So, pictures soon to come. But, our […]

Nope, still haven’t seen a Broncos jersey.

One month in…or, depending on your viewpoint, one month out. Tout va bien. When we moved out of the country, arriving in France on October 1, we knew only where we were staying for the month. Not much else. Oh, a little French, food we knew we liked, a few places we’d been before. And, […]

Good Luck With That Driving Around Thing This Sunday!

Many, many roads will be closed in and around Downtown Denver this Sunday, primarily between the hours of 10 and 4. The U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge will stage its 7th Colorado race of 2012 with an individual time trial starting and ending in Civic Center Park. In the process, they’ll take up Colfax from Civic […]

Broncos Announcement Fuels Fast Used Shirt Sales!