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Beautiful days on the Adriatic. Split from the pier.

On a sunny Saturday on the Dalmatian Coast, the Adriatic is calm and the twenty side-by-side cafes just past those palm trees are jammed. Every one is basking in the culture!

Friday. Transportation news in Denver. So, here’s a picture of Croatia!

Last year, the Multi-modal transit center in the urban core looked like this in Split, Croatia. Trains on the left running regularly to the capital Zagreb. A large public Green Market adjacent in the near left. A Multi-bay international bus station in the middle with a busy taxi stand. And, the ferry port with over […]

Ketchup on Pizza…and At Least Two Dozen Other Things Learned from Living in Croatia for Three Months

Arriving in Croatia just before New Year’s, we really knew nothing about it. This is where we could spend some time in “exile” waiting out the mandatory 90 days out of the EU, required for those, like us, traveling with just a passport. And, everyone we knew who had been to Croatia had been there […]

Spring has Arrived in Croatia. Hey, What Happened to Winter?

There were always so many projects that, over the years, ended up classified as “We’ll get to that on a nice snowy day this winter.” And, even when those snowy days came, those same projects just never seemed to make it to the top of the “Things to Do Today” list. There was always something […]

Stormy Night? Okay, Let’s Think About History!

When you travel to a new, often old, place, if you don’t leave knowing and understanding some of its history…were you really there? I’ve always liked history. That is, knowing about and trying to understand history, as certainly not all history is likable. If I went somewhere to live, as we are doing now, it […]

“So, why did the Denver Nuggets get rid of Carmelo Anthony?”

Okay, we’ll spare you all of the details of our move from Lucca, Italy to Split, Croatia. Like the owners of our Lucca apartment insisting on taking us and our luggage to the train station, just two days after Christmas and their personal delivery to us of a traditional Panettone cake and bottle of sparkling […]