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Why We’re Always Saying: “Be Careful Crossing the Streets!”

Living in Downtown certainly has its benefits. Most of what we need is close by and easy to get to. Good urban planning can always get better. But, as much as we walk or bike in our environment…or plan and build great transit centers…around the country and the city, the car is king. Here’s a […]

Getting Around…Walk Here. Ride There.

“I thought of that while riding my bicycle.” —Albert Einstein Denver is a very bicycle friendly place. Trails and bike routes cover the city and suburbs. They are less clear Downtown. But, they exist…along with a few rules…in the urban core as well. We want to talk about bicycles on the sidewalks. Not legal. Back […]

As the Wheel Turns…Who Knew?

Putting together this week’s Street Watch information, we included some information on Sunday’s Bannock Street Criterium Bicycle Race which will consume a good portion of the Golden Triangle Neighborhood in its annual visit. There are races beginning at 7:00 in the morning and continuing until the last group finishes after 6 p.m. Men, women, and […]