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Along The Mall today…Market Street Station may be closed to buses, but it’s obviously still bustling!

Chili today. Hot tamale! Oh…You’ve Heard That One?

Once again, and for today only, Denver Firefighters are joined by other firehouse groups from the area and around the country in the battle to make great chili! This annual event taking up all of Larimer Square raises money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. A lot of money. Great people and great chili make for […]

Unauthorized Overnight Camping Ban Passes First Council Test

Early this morning, but before the “campers” were up, the Denver City Council voted 9-4 in favor of a proposed ban on sleeping in public or private outdoor (without permission) spaces in the City of Denver. This was the first reading of the bill in front of Council. The final vote will take place on May […]

Thank You, But We’ll Wait for the Gorillas!

Yes, the “highlight” of Downtown Denver activities for this weekend is purported to be the 6th Annual Zombie Crawl. And, in the spirit of the Wild West, this year they have added a team event, sort of a relay, called the Organ Trail. It all goes on Saturday afternoon, based at Skyline Park at Arapahoe […]

Mall Restoration…Are We Being Served?

One of the long-running British comedies consistently showing up around 10 p.m. on PBS was a favorite – “Are You Being Served?” And, one of the great episodes was about the re-modeling of the women’s department at the Grace Department Store, the setting of the series. The men’s and women’s department shared the same floor […]

Downtown Traffic Alert: RTD Sends People Back to Their Cars!

Traffic. It’s a rare day of living Downtown that goes by without seeing a wreck, a near wreck, a near collision between car and pedestrian, an actual collision between car and person, or bus and person or bicycle, or bicycle and person. At the very least, every day will show the Downtown pedestrian as either very careful […]

Zer Gut! Cafe Berlin Now Open on 16th Street Mall!

It took longer than expected. Most good things do. But, now that Cafe Berlin is settled in its new space at 16th and Champa, we can get back to our wienerschnitzel, our spaetzle, and, of course, our Paulaner! Marlene Garrett, owner of Cafe Berlin, spent some anxious extra weeks of remodel between the closing of […]