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Move over, guys. There’s a new roll in town!


The Duffeyroll Cafe has opened its fourth Denver location…fortunately for all of us…in Lower Downtown at 16th and Blake. And, the rolls are very good.

But, you may already know that. President and Co-Founder Nick Ault has hustled these gourmet cinnamon rolls for 28 years. And now, his latest cafe is just across the street from where he first sold the rolls out of a pushcart on the Mall in 1986! The original cafe opened and still operates at the Happy Canyon Shopping Center on East Hampden, joined now by locations on South Pearl and South Broadway.

And, it’s not just rolls. Duffeyroll serves breakfast and lunch sandwiches, coffees and a top-secret iced tea. They cater and deliver, have a gift card program and their own “Deliciously Different Fundraising Program”.

By the way, those famous cinnamon rolls come out of the oven every day unglazed in the Original, or with a choice of orange, Irish cream, maple, English toffee or nutty crunch toppings.

Good neighbors. Good taste!

A Clean, Well Lighted Place…


Hemingway’s short story had nothing to do with the opening of a new downtown hotel…but, the title works for this fine restoration of an historic but dowdy bank building between 16th and 17th on Champa.

Downtown Denver residents need to make a point of visiting and viewing the new Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center Hotel, now open in the former Colorado National Bank Building. The staff is anxious for you to understand and explore this restoration. And, they encourage your wandering to view all the art installations featuring a different historic theme on each floor.

The polished marble columns look brighter and whiter than they ever did in the old U.S. Bank lobby. High back and overstuffed furniture have replaced those testy tellers of yesterday. And, there is light. Be sure to look up at the historic murals.

The building has new floors added on, but you won’t know that in the lobby or the public and meeting areas. This is a classy addition to the city’s hospitality segment. And, we understand that just a few days after opening, the place is fully booked.

Walk through and check it out. Or, check in!

You’ll be greeted at the door thusly. You just need to figure out which door!

If you go, these ladies will be watching over you.

Another door open in Denver to explore!

Shhh…Don’t Tell Anyone…

This is one of the neater ideas of the summer…coming soon to one of Denver’s great little hidden courtyards in Larimer Square! (From the 5/14/2014 newsletter of the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association)

Le Jardin Secret

Chef Jorel Pierce (Euclid Hall) along with Larimer Square and Mile High Business Alliance, has managed to create what might be the best thing to ever happen to Larimer Square: Le Jardin Secret. This French-inspired chefs’ market will unfold in Bistro Vendôme’s courtyards every Saturday from 9am to 2 pm, starting May 31 and running for 14 weeks, not including Labor Day weekend. (Le Jardin is also staging a soft opening on May 20 from 11am to 1pm) No detail has been overlooked: There are custom-designed vendor booths, wicker baskets, bread racks, and a flower pushcart. Among the seven product categories—dairy, produce, meat, bread, etc.—there will be no redundancies (i.e. only one purveyor will sell a certain type of tomato). Vendors, as you might expect, are among the best in town, including Grateful Bread Company, Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe, the Truffle Cheese Shop, Sugarmill, and Blooming Fool. Produce will be coordinated by Grower’s Organic. Mile High Business Alliance is creating chef-generated recipe cards that customers can shop with and collect over the weeks. The market will coincide with brunch at Bistro Vendôme. Pierce has also secured a liquor license, so you can shop the market with a mimosa in hand.

We’ll be there! C’est tres bien!

This should fix everything! RTD has solved any concern for upcoming chaos at the intersection of 18th & Wynkoop caused by hundreds of buses slogging their way through to the station mixed with hundreds of cars looking for parking and thousands of Rockies fans making their way to games. And, they even put a sign at every corner. Deer crossings, moose crossings, bear crossings, elk crossings…and, now our very own bus crossings. Watch out!


While thousands attended the out back ribbon cutting for the shiny new bus station, workers out front are still trying to figure out the jigsaw puzzle that came in a big box labeled “Wynkoop Plaza Water Feature”.


Friday. Transportation news in Denver. So, here’s a picture of Croatia!


Last year, the Multi-modal transit center in the urban core looked like this in Split, Croatia. Trains on the left running regularly to the capital Zagreb. A large public Green Market adjacent in the near left. A Multi-bay international bus station in the middle with a busy taxi stand. And, the ferry port with over 80 arrivals and departures daily, intra- and inter- national. Ventilation via sea breeze.

And, it’s all positioned at the foot of the main city and adjacent to the walls of an historic structure…this one the IVth Century Diocletian’s Palace, constantly under renovation, and, perhaps, the ultimate preservation project.

So, in fairness, we’ll get up now and go visit the much heralded new transit center at Union Station in Denver. We expect to find trains, buses and old walls. No ferries. Pictures later!