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Downtown Denver likes to put pictures on Facebook of odd objects or places Downtown, then ask if you know where it was taken. Well, we’re not Downtown Denver, but we are in Downtown Denver, so we snapped this. Can you tell where this picture was taken? Or, is this just a Halloween trick?




Just a short distance from Downtown Denver, you can get a glimpse, sans Zombies, of what Fall looks like!


Paris, 1939. Just kidding!


25 years ago, Denver took a major step to being a “Great City” when Mayor Pena initiated the Public Art Program which has grown to over 300 works throughout the city. Through December 22, BEYOND BLUE celebrates the program with 75 works by 46 artists from the city’s collection. See it, free, at the McNichols Building at Civic Center. Additional works are on display in the lobbies of the Buell Theater. Great cities around the world embrace the arts.


Never mind any worldwide financial calamity, Downtown Denver is hosting Zombies. Even more of them than usual this weekend. And, we’re going to make sure we pick the very prettiest Zombie. Surely the dream of every little boy or girl. Fashion to die for.


Bound to happen. Spending too much time on a LoDo bench can do this to you.