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If we hurry, we can get out of Dubrovnik before all the tourists get here. Let them figure this out!


Croatians claim credit for inventing the necktie (think cravat), the wine grape Zinfandel, and, here in Dubrovnik, the world’s first digital tower clock which appeared just about the time that Roman numerals were starting to fade from popularity. And, it only changes every five minutes. Close enough!


Park Gradac, Dubrovnik. According to the Tourism Office, something happened here in the 7th Century, but no one is sure just what…because, after all, the action was inside the walled city next door!


Saturday’s view from Park Gradac, a few meters outside the walls of Dubrovnik and just behind the University of Dubrovnik. But, weather changes and Sunday is rainy. Doesn’t stick, though!


Did you know that while Croatia ranks 18th in the world in coffee consumption ( The U.S. can’t perk over 25th ), these sturdy and resilient folks climb right to the top in “Steps per capita”! Pretty sure about that.


February Sunset, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Seemed like the right thing to do for Valentine’s Day in Croatia would be to have a nice Cattacino on the beach! Loved it!