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The Caption to this Photo May Sound Familiar…

When you next have a chance, visit the website of a writer and artist from Torino that we just met. Not only does Vincenzo Reda write about wine, he also paints in wine.  In fact, his lead page has more photos (and you can find us in more than one of them) of the event pictured below. This was the celebration of a harvest, the 80th harvest for the Brezza family patriarch, Oreste, in Barolo. Of course, food and wine were flowing. The traditional Piemontese music was terrific. The wines, memorable. And, a good time was had by all…well into the early morning!

Yes, after a fine wine and Fritto Misto Barolo dinner with over 100 of the winemaker’s best friends, the lone survivor is the bottle of Grappa!

Where Do We Go From Here?

Fine views go with fine wine. Upon reflection, this must have some deeper meaning than me just sitting in the car waiting for the real photographer to return from the vineyard?

Have a Fine Wine this Thanksgiving…and a Fine Time!

At the end of a fine wine and bagna cauda dinner at winemaker friend’s Cantina Braida in Rocchetta Tanaro, along with 18 visiting British chefs, the only thing left standing was the bottle of Grappa!

If You are Wondering What to Have for Lunch Today in Lodo…

I had this. But you can get almost the exact same thing (without the small village enoteca setting) at Mangiamo Pronto at 17th and Wazee. My salad was enjoyed in Monforte d’Alba…with a glass of Dolcetto. And you can get that, too.

After Seven Weeks in France, We’ve Moved on to Italy…and We Ran Into Alfred Hitchcock?

No, he was not at the annual Truffle Festival in Alba this year, but he’s been there before. Wise man. And, in case you are wondering what this has to do with Downtown Denver…Raymond Burr lived for a time in the Edbrooke Lofts. He knew Alfred Hitchcock. We think.

With all due respect for Bistro Vendome…

“La Taca D’Oli”, 35 rue Pairoliere, Vieux-Nice

There can be no finer Moules et Frites anywhere than here. This spot reached out to us one night while wandering through the old city. Warm lights inside, very friendly people and the last of only about 12 tables. You need to try this if you are here. You should make a special trip here just to try it. A reasonably priced “Menu” at just 19 Euros gets you a choice of Entree, a choice of Plat and a choice of Dessert. Choose the Moules. You cannot get these in Denver. Not like this.

Like many of the restaurants in Vieux-Nice, this is hard to find. But, once you do, you’ll want to go back. We already have!

With all due respect for the enjoyment of a beer on a fine afternoon sitting on the deck at the Wynkoop Brewery…

Giusepe et Pepino, Place Garibaldi, Nice

Here’s where we have settled for Friday afternoons. This plaza is a highly activated and energetic public space. In the center is a large fountain, big shade trees, room for kids to play, through traffic streets and the tram line. The whole square is formed by Italianate uniform-height buildings, all with arcades, and cafes flowing into the square. The beer is good. The people watching is terrific. And, at the opposite corner of the square, Le Cafe de Turin, a seafood restaurant for just the last 200 years.