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Signs You May Be in Downtown Denver

Top Secret Government Location? No, Just a Pleasant, Underutilized Courtyard in LoDo. Name of Photographer Withheld by Request

This will be finished one day. Won’t it?

We’ll miss the space, but maybe not the sign. And, we certainly won’t miss these signs so ubiquitous around the Union Station construction. If you’re wondering why all this stuff about “missing”,  here’s a link to the post from yesterday.

We’ll Miss the Denver Mandolin Orchestra Concerts…but Not This Sunday!

Tune in this Sunday!

A delightfully relaxing way to spend a bit of the first Sunday evening of the fall. The Denver Mandolin Orchestra will appear in concert…FREE…this Sunday, September 23, at the Wynkoop Brewery. It’s at 7:00. Get there early enough to get a seat (it has been getting very full)…and get a beer. Mandolin music to take you somewhere else! And, it’s there on nearly every fourth Sunday of the month. Keep enjoying it. We’ll be thinking of you.

So…We’ll Soon Be On Our Way to a Foreign Land. And, We’ll Take You Along!

After a few decades of living and working in Denver…and the last 8+ years of immersing in Downtown Denver living…and over 450 articles about it posted here at Denver by the Slice…we are moving. Away. For an indeterminate while.

But, fear not. The internet makes it possible for you to follow along with us on this journey. We’ll keep posting. And, we’ll show you how some other places in the world (where we will be living, as opposed to vacationing, which creates a different lens) compare to Denver, and Downtown Denver. We declared years ago, as did our dog, and, as we have on this site, that Downtown Denver is the best neighborhood in which we have ever lived. But, now we are ready to try our hands at living away from the country. In very different neighborhoods.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll post some pictures of things and people we most surely will miss…and some things we won’t. For instance, here’s something we’ll miss:

Gallop Cafe at 32nd and Zuni (originally Gallop Street) serves a fine Bloody Mary with a PBR back. We’ll miss that! Photo: Diane Huntress

And, here’s something we won’t miss so much:

But, hope it misses you.





Check back often. We have a lot of ground to cover in the next two weeks!

Here’s a View You Missed by Not Having a Picnic with Friends Last Night at the Denver Botanic Gardens!

And, stay tuned this week for big news about Denver by the Slice…and more about to be missed…or not!

It’s the view sprouting from the garage at the Botanic Gardens, of course. And, early fall evenings for the rest of September are perfect for picnics. Sneak the wine in! Photo: HipsterPix

If You’ve Been Worrying About Getting Run Over by a Bus or a Car on the Street…or, More Likely, Run Down by a Bicycle on the Sidewalk…Take Note of This!

Traffic, Transit and Transportation Forum
September 18, 2012 * 5:30pm – 8:00 pm (Program starts at 6:00 pm)
 Wynkoop Brewing Company Mercantile Room – 1634 18th Street  
The frequent street closures and traffic signal and lane changes make it challenging to get around Downtown. Join your neighbors at a public forum to discuss how we can improve what we have and make Downtown safer for autos, bicycles and pedestrians.  The forum will include George Delany – Denver Public Works, Chief Operating Officer, Cindy Patton – Sr. City Planner, Ben Turner – Denver B-Cycle Program, and invited City Council members.
Or, it could be a skateboarder! Be careful crossing the streets!

Chili today. Hot tamale! Oh…You’ve Heard That One?

And you need them today! Lunch! Larimer Square. Hot Stuff!

Once again, and for today only, Denver Firefighters are joined by other firehouse groups from the area and around the country in the battle to make great chili! This annual event taking up all of Larimer Square raises money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. A lot of money.

Great people and great chili make for a hot competition. Cast your vote today, Friday, and solve that burning question of “What’s for lunch?”.

This is, without a doubt, the best place today for Downtown people watching, away from the usual suspects on Denver’s 16th Street Mall which is, itself, filling up with tents today. An “art festival” put on by the galleries of the Santa Fe Arts District is taking up residence for the weekend. Every space between Arapahoe Street and Stout Street not already occupied by a piano, sunglass stand, food vendor, camping dogs or Planned Parenthood workers or Greenpeace guys…has a tent…and art.

Go for the chili! Hurry!

Update, Friday Afternoon: The boys from Station 28, way down in the Bow Mar area, lit the place up with their Red Chili! A Denver by the Slice winning pick!

Actually, this is Where to Buy Shaved Ice! Or, Tents!

Get Your Ice On! Photo: Diane Huntress








Yes, it looks like an old Aspen gondola parked in front of REI. But, this is no ordinary gondola. It is a gorgeous gondola, dispensing pretty shaved ice. Get it while it’s hot! And, look here at their facebook page for more information.