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Denver by the Slice…Goes Abroad!

See You Next Week…From Somewhere Else Entirely!

We’ll be posting next week from the area of Nice, France. We’re going to live there for a short while and, then, move on. And, we’re likely to draw some informative and entertaining comparisons between that life and life in Downtown Denver. We’ll be cooking regional dishes, shopping the vegetable and fish markets, and immersing in a different culture and language. I trust we won’t see any Broncos jerseys. If you’re not familiar with that part of the world, enjoy seeing and learning more about it.

Tune in. Same channel. See you on the other side!

It Just Seems Like a Soup Dumpling Kind of Day!

Thank you, Lon! Photo: Diane Huntress

Who wouldn’t miss Cholon’s Soup Dumplings? A real standout in Lower Downtown’s offering of three basic food groups: Tacos, Sushi and, of course, Pizza. One of each on every block, often on the sidewalk. Watch your step!

Have a Great Tour to Australia, Bob! We’ll Miss You!

World Class in All Ways. Downtown’s own Bob Montgomery, Master Jazz Trumpeter

He’s at it again! After weeks of great Wednesday night jazz at the Wazee Supper Club, Bob Montgomery is off again to Australia…to play more jazz. He’s no stranger to world tours. Either he’ll come to where we are, or we’ll just have to come back to hear his fine trumpet. Travel safely, Bob.

Eric and Jen at The Market. Not to mention DJ, Sonia, Joe, Ernie and Mark standing in his winter shorts on the front step!









And, did we mention we’ll miss The Market in Larimer Square. Who wouldn’t? Mark Greenberg has held his iconic perch on the front step for nearly three decades. You may not always agree with him, but it’s sure fun to hear his opinions! The Market is its own “neighborhood”. Mark’s the Mayor. All is well!

Important Downtown People We’ll Miss…But You Should Make It a Point to Know!

Tom and Jerry at Wines off Wynkoop. Waiting to get the business.

These guys are usually found in the alley, near a bottle of wine. With good reason, of course. They not only know their wines, brew some of their own not-for-sale beer, and police the alley and dumpster outside their door…but at least one of them also knows an inordinate amount of trivia about Philadelphia sports teams. We can only hope we find another wine shop in another country that works so well!





Jim McCotter, LoDo’s Barrister Emeritus

And, then, there’s Jim. For years he has worked endlessly on agreements between bars and restaurants and the neighborhood to keep everyone as good neighbors in Lower Downtown. It’s not easy to monitor all the licenses and establishments and always keep the peace. It takes a special person. And, he is.


(Photos: HipsterPix, exclusively for Denver by the Slice)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Rocking ‘n’ Rolling Through Downtown Saturday Morning…Early!

“Get your motor runnin'”

Don’t worry. Those cheerleaders on the corner, under your window…the band at the intersection on Blake Street…they’ll all be gone early in the day. This year’s version of the very corporate Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon starts at the Civic Center with a bike ride beginning at 6:45 and the actual running starting at 7:15.

By 8:00, they should all be at least 3 miles into the run…and out of Downtown. We can get on with our day.

The main impact streets will be 14th and 17th, along with some winding around through LoDo. Here’s a link to the route map for the event. We have some other running around to do!

Two Reasons…Besides the Good Food and Friendly Service…to Enjoy Mangiamo Pronto!

Makes you want to linger, without going to Linger. Photo: HipsterPix

Suitable for all audiences. Take a look!


Mangiamo Pronto, at 17th and Wazee, recently expanded their menu to include more features, more pasta dishes and new panini combinations.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, Monday thru Saturday.

There is no better place in LoDo to enjoy great coffee, inside or out. Try it this Saturday afternoon!

And, then, you have to see the fine Ducati poster in the men’s room. We’ve talked about it at Denver by the Slice before. And, we’ll miss it!

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Rocktoberfest!

That’s the beer one, not the baseball one. Rock Bottom Brewery at 16th and Curtis will be tapping Rocktoberfest, their Octoberfest beer, this Thursday, September 20 at 6 p.m. And, from then until 6:30, pints of same are FREE!

Now, that’s bound to work out better for you than the baseball in Denver this year.