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March Madness Declared Treatable!

‘Tis a weekend for hoops. In the paint. Hitting the boards. Shooting from “Downtown”. Basketball at the highest levels.

And, in Denver, too!

The women are here for their Final Four. Their fans are already filling patios in LoDo on a warm Friday afternoon. Blocking and charging. Notre Dame, Connecticut, Baylor and Stanford. All playing on Sunday and the final on Tuesday. Baylor will win. Slam. Dunk!

The men are in New Orleans. Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State and Kansas. All playing on Saturday and the final on Monday. In a surprising finish to the madness, Kansas will again claim a national title. Don’t ask. We just know.

Back after these announcements. Be careful crossing the streets. And, then, it’s time for baseball. No fooling!

Street Watch…or, In This Case…Watch Street

Rising temperatures this weekend will be accompanied by rising dismay of motorists just west of Downtown. On Saturday, March 24th and Sunday, March 25th, crews will demolish the northern portion of the 15th Street bridge over I-25. As a result, there will be full closures of northbound and southbound I-25 near 15th Street as well as 15th Street over I-25.

The full closures of I-25 (in both directions) and 15th Street over I-25 will run from 11 Saturday night until 10 Sunday morning, and, again, from 11 Sunday night until 5:30 Monday morning.

Eventually, the entire 15th Street bridge over I-25 will be replaced with a nice, shiny new bridge with actual usable sidewalks. Look for more closures over the coming weeks, and, most assuredly some long back-ups on 15th Street during weekday rush hours. Think sitting long minutes behind busses. Nice.

As for walking around this fine warm spring weekend, you know what we say. Be careful crossing the streets!

In Breaking International Food News for Downtown Denver…Ghugi Ghives Up the Ghost, Tsunami of Sushi About to Wash Over LoDo…and, Whither Boney’s?

India House on Blake Street has closed. Ghugi Singh shuttered the place after dinner last Saturday night, nearly 20 years after it re-opened as India House. Before 1993, a dark cavernous space was also operated by Singh, the Delhi Darbar. The re-model was elegant, bright and very well designed. The food was terrific!

We noticed the space was dark yesterday while out on a walk. Today in Westword, they reported that Ghugi is going on to other things and will be back with more and better Indian fare. We hope they are right about that. They also initially reported that it had only been there since 2007.

Going into the space is sushi, Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar to be exact, expected to be open by August. They have locations in Boulder, down south and in Cherry Creek. So, once the locals have tried all the pizza places, slice by slice (read our Pizza post here), they’ll be able to cast out for lots and lots of raw fish in the neighborhood. Sonoda’s on Market Street will have new fishy neighbors in Hapa and the Blue Sushi Sake Grill currently building out in the other half of the former Dixon’s. And, this new Hapa is going in next door to the under-construction Aoba Japanese restaurant on Blake Street. Suddenly, there will be so much fish in LoDo you’ll think the Platte had risen. Could be global warming. Almost one fish for every slice of pizza.

But, speaking of sushi, don’t forget our old friend Tam Han, owner and chef at Sushi Han in Writer Square since 1990! Good sushi, great lunch and happy hour, good stories from Tam, and why are there always so many Japanese people eating there? They know something.

And, speaking of Writer Square, which we don’t like to do too much since the owners turned this unique mixed-use urban development into a strip mall…we may be the last in town to realize that Boney’s Smokehouse Pit Barbeque’s sidewalk kiosk is gone!

"Five Pulled Pork Sandwiches to Go!"

Apparently, it was spirited away in October. We just didn’t notice. Could have been all the little A-frame sidewalk signs along the mall promoting the Square’s businesses and empty spaces.

We miss Boney’s at that location. You have the jones for ‘cue, you need it quick. The friendly kiosk worked for us, just like it worked for Joe Biden when he hit town in 2008. Now, though, it’s really not too far up to the main store at 1555 Champa. Follow your nose!

On the 70th Anniversary of Casablanca…We Change the Script a Bit

"Round up the usual suspects. And, while you're at it, see if you can find us a decent newspaper in this town!"

Things enduring. And, things not. Denver by the Slice enjoyed the times we could scoop Penny Parker and the times we could quote Penny Parker. We wish her, and Mike Littwin, well on their departure from the Post.

Time to change the papers. Neither enduring, nor endearing.

Broncos Announcement Fuels Fast Used Shirt Sales!

Orange You Glad You Never Bought One?

O ‘Twill Be a Fine Day Saturday…to Leave Downtown!

Not only will it be Saturday…but it will also be St. Patrick’s Day. So, what’s the best thing to do when 200,000 people show up Downtown, all wearing something green, most drinking beer or whiskey, and looking for somewhere to relieve themselves? If you live Downtown, you’re probably seriously considering going somewhere else for the day.

And, with good reason. “This is the only day of the year when I know for sure that I will have to throw someone out of the store,” said one local wine shop owner.

Last year,  the 2011 version of St. Patrick’s Day seemed never to end. A parade (that also seems never to end) on Saturday. Then three more days of partying until the actual Wednesday St. Pat’s. Days and days. But, this year, it all happens at once. Saturday. The parade. The partying. And, way too much of it in the streets and parking lots. It’s a day that Jim Robischon fears for the “lake” created outside the back door of his gallery.

We have a better idea.

Not a Parade, no Shriners

If you feel the need to feel a bit Irish, go South. Paddy’s on Pearl promises to be much more fun, in a smaller space. The 1500 block of South Pearl Street will fest from Noon until 8 Saturday with pipers, bands, food, drink and our favorite…“General Revelry and Harmless Shenanigans”!

You don’t even have to drive! Lite Rail from Union Station every 15 minutes to the Lousiana/Pearl stop puts you a block away from the fun.

Denver by the Slice recognizes its civic duty to promote all things Downtown. But, the world’s second largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade is not leaving a good mark on Downtown. Just green stuff, noise and more stuff on the streets. Time to go to Old South Pearl!

Trouble Deciding What to Wear Sunday? Try Riding in Red…or Running in Green!

Downtown will be all red and green Sunday morning with two major events. One’s green and the other one’s red.

First off, at 10:15 from McCormick’s at 17th and Wazee, is the 25th Anniversary Runnin’ of the Green, billed as the world’s largest 7k road race. Vet/Comedian Kevin Fitzgerald organizes this gathering that will close Wazee Street for the start and, of course, the party. The field will be clad in green as they leave the Fish House taking 17th to Market, then to 20th, then west for the Highlands and back to the beer. “Denver’s Classic Irish Jog” starts with pipes and ends with pints!

The Bikes are Back March 12! Photo courtesy B-cycle

Or, be red if you like. The B-cycles are returning to be in place all over town by 5 a.m. Monday morning for another season of urban convenience. How do they get there? A whole bunch of people, dressed in red, gather Sunday morning at B-cycle headquarters, 2737 Larimer Street at 11 for the annual “First Ride”. If you want to skip the run and sign up for the ride, click here. There are lots of bikes to go around. When it’s done, everyone has delivered a bike to one of the stations around town.

This year, B-cycles are available until midnight every day, an hour longer, daylight savings or not.

Ride carefully. Run carefully. And, whatever you’re wearing this weekend, be careful crossing the streets!