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Snow Business is Real Business for Downtown!

Next week, for the third year in a long powdery run, Denver will be occupied by over 20,000 members of the Snow Sports Industry. The Snow Show, which is not open to the public, begins on Thursday, January 26 and runs through the 29th at the Convention Center.

The trade show displays for retailers nationwide thousands of new products and hundreds of brands for the 2012-1013 retail season. Exhibitors come from all over the world…where there is snow and where there isn’t snow.

Many trade shows and conventions in Denver leave little outside mark, other than hotel stays and chain restaurant meals. A lot of attendees to those are lousy tippers, too. But, 20,000 active participants in the snow industry will make their presence well known throughout Downtown. Last year, the show was the catalyst for the “Big Air” event at the Civic Center. This year, because of some of the show’s exhibitors, the first-ever winter concert at Red Rocks takes off.

And, this is a crowd that will fill many a LoDo bar, likely sporting samples of some of the hot new styles for next winter. Clothing, outerwear, sunglasses and more that you haven’t seen yet.

Before the emergence and growth of snowboarding, the industry event simply was known as the Ski Show. It reigned for years, first in New York City and then a long run in Las Vegas. In Vegas, it was actually one of the smaller events in that town. And, a move to Denver, close to real resorts, was long sought. This is an active group of attendees and, believe it or not, there wasn’t enough action in Vegas to suit them.

From Zeal. Imagine Streaming HD Video of Your Own Trip Down the Mall with the Built-in Camera!

Denver works, though. And, even though you can’t go, you’ll know it’s going on. Denver by the Slice will cover the show, from the inside. Our mission: Find any really cool new products that you can look for at your ski and board shops next season. And, we’ll especially be on the lookout for snow sport products that have interesting applications to urban living, like the one shown here.

So, be aware. Next week is snow business like you’ve seen!

Wait Until Next Year? No, Better Days are Coming Soon!

Monday began with sunshine Downtown. And, no trace of football. Now, we can get on to more that really matters.

For instance, did you know that Spring Training begins in just 35 days? Or, that the first Rockies home game is only 84 days away, on April 9?

Selection Sunday (you know…for the NCAA Basketball Tournament) is just 55 days away. And, 5 of the nation’s top 10 teams are playing today on ESPN!

New restaurants are about to open. Spring isn’t really that far away. And, winter has been a no-show. Stay with Denver by the Slice. We’ll get your mind off that half-a-loaf 9 and 9 season before you know it!

(And, as a follow-up to last Friday’s item…turns out that Tiger Woods will be playing golf at Pebble Beach with Tony Romo. Another quarterback with nothing to do.)

And, Friday Did Indeed Turn Out Orange!

Can't Stop Wearin' It!

Even this guy. He has watched every piece of Union Station parking lot asphalt go away in noisy trucks. He has memorized every word of the “Attention Parkers” signs that are still up. He has seen snow fall on Mount Wynkoop before his eyes. And, he has seen it melt.

Through all of that, he still remembered to wear his orange today in support of the local football team.

But, he may not be aware that, as reported today at NBC Sports, one popular NFL quarterback will likely be invited to pair with Tiger Woods in the early February Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament. So, maybe Tom Brady plays golf?

Be careful crossing the streets…especially Saturday night!

Friday Forecast for Downtown Denver…Once Again…As Declared by Mayor Hancock

Again we are asked to wear orange. It’s mid-January and we’re supposed to dress up like Halloween? What’s this all about? I can’t believe it. Nor can I find any words to rhyme with orange. What color will Downtown be on Sunday?

Sunday on a Downtown Balcony…

Feeling quite deflated, this LoDo character has since been put away for the season…without pausing on one knee.

And, The View was Pretty Much the Same

Denver Loves a Parade!

It was a warm “Dress Western Day” in Denver, yesterday. And, even without the usual Stock Show westher, the parade went on. And, on. But, not for too long. In fact, we timed it at a full 10 minutes shorter than last year…including the street sweepers.

No band. No dog carts other than a hot dog cart in front of Union Station. And, a new Grand Marshall this year. Former Mayor Federico Pena who in his own way began a lot of this transit madness while imagining a great city, rode herd on the day. The longhorns went out followed by dozens and dozens of horses behaving like horses.

But, the parade doesn’t change much. So, here’s a link to what we wrote about it a year ago. Mostly true. And, we’ll put away the western wear, finish up the day with the orange stuff and just hope for the best. Be careful crossing the streets!

(Photo: Diane Huntress)


While we’ve all been busy looking over our collective shoulders for a hot “California Import” business like Trader Joe’s or In-N-out Burger to make their way to Denver…we missed this Camarillo, California based retailer.

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop has opened in Writer Square! 14 days ago. How could they have possibly put in that much soda, that much candy and that much wacky merchandise without us knowing it?

Now, sitting right across the plaza from Cafe Colore are these bright windows and bursting shelves covering what was the space of two retail establishments before the famous Writer Square make-over. 

Patrick Evans, the local franchisee for Rocket Fizz already has plans to expand in Denver, possibly even at this anchor location. It takes a whole bunch of shelf space to merchandise candy like the  Beans & Franks Bubble Gum, or the Hello Kitty Chocolate Pies. Even the Angry Birds Gum Drops need a place to nest.

Covering the Major Food Groups...Also Buffalo Wings and Sweet Corn Flavors!

But, soda’s in charge here. The best seller is, of course, Bacon. There’s a whole case of classic, famous and nouveau Root Beers. Not to mention the entire line of Judge Wapner Sodas holding court on the top shelf. Oh, and hiding down close to the underground, those bottles with the eerie chalky caricature of one departed infamous leader of terrorists. That soda is called “Seal Ya Later”.

This is one of only 22 Rocket Fizz stores in the United States. Right here in Downtown Denver. A Fizz for your Buzz!