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Art Up! Translations Gallery’s Moving Sale!

Translations Gallery is on the move. And, from now until February 25, owner Judy Hagler is offering you huge savings on original fine art from many of the gallery’s artists.

It’s on display at 1743 Wazee, 10-5 Tuesdays thru Saturdays. And, savings are up to 30% off. Prices are not on the website, but you can call Judy for more information at 303-629-0713.

Fine art at fine prices from a fine gallery on the move!

Look Around! Another View of Downtown Denver.

Breakfast and Basketball. Do You Know Where?

Why We’re Always Saying: “Be Careful Crossing the Streets!”

Living in Downtown certainly has its benefits. Most of what we need is close by and easy to get to. Good urban planning can always get better. But, as much as we walk or bike in our environment…or plan and build great transit centers…around the country and the city, the car is king. Here’s a example from a recent study.

According to “Bicycling and Walking in the United States: 2012 Benchmarking Report” published by The Alliance for Biking & Walking:

12 percent of trips in the U.S. are by bike or foot and 14 percent of traffic fatalities are bicyclists and pedestrians. Yet pedestrian and bicycle projects receive less than 2 percent of federal transportation dollars.

Kind of drives home the point, doesn’t it? If you’re interested, the full report is here.

Ivar’s At It Again…At Plus Gallery!

Through March 3 at Plus Gallery

The next offering from contemporary Plus Gallery owner Ivar Zeile deals with the ever-popular subject for 2012…the Apocalypse!

Apocalypse? How!”, a group exhibition featuring Drew Englander, Donald Fodness, Paul Nudd and Larry Bob Phillips, opens Friday, January 27 at 6 p.m. with a “Rapture Reception”. That generally means some very good and rapturous refreshment while viewing. And, the exhibit runs through March 3.

Plus Gallery is at 2501 Larimer. See this…before anything else happens!

Talking Points: Meet Bob Montgomery. Still Hitting the High Notes!

Frequently, we’ll introduce you to someone you may, or may not know who lives in Downtown Denver. And, we’ll ask that person five questions…always the same. But, we’re sure to get a lot of different answers!  Let us know what you think. All of our “Talking Points” profiles are archived for easy reference at the page above…with the same name!

Bob and Jan Montgomery have lived in Lower Downtown for almost 19 years. Bob  grew up in western Kansas where he developed his work ethic and love of people and music. He taught music for 35 years, 18 years in public schools and 17 years in universities. He’s a husband, a father, and a grandfather. Between practice sessions with his trumpet, we were able to ask him these questions.

What’s the best thing about living Downtown?

 The neighborhood, the folks who live here, the opportunity to stroll through lower downtown and see smiles and share conversation with interesting people. I love the al fresco dining and the many coffee shops where you can sit and visit with new and old friends, often planned gatherings and just as often chance meetings on the street that produce an hours worth of conversation off the cuff. The folks who live and work in lower downtown are very special people who share interesting lifestyles and occasionally display treasures of talent. The very amazing stuff of life.

What’s been the biggest change since you moved Downtown?

The biggest change we have seen since purchasing our loft in the Acme in 1990 is the construction of new buildings, the disappearance of the 15th Street viaduct, the loss of seven jazz clubs within six blocks of our loft, the addition of Coors field and the Pepsi center, the accompanying bars and restaurants, and the multitudes of people on the streets most evenings. Lot’s of changes- mostly good.

What don’t we have Downtown that we need?

A reasonably priced grocery store within easy walking distance.

Where do you like to go when you leave Downtown?

Away from downtown? I guess wherever my children and grandchildren are at the moment.

And, tell us something most people may not know about you.

I love playing jazz in Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada, China, New Zealand, South America, wherever there are great listening audiences, folks who love listening to art music – and specifically improvised music – Jazz. I love sharing music with folks in Colorado as well – it is always nice to be at home among friends.

And, Downtown residents who know Bob are glad he’s in the neighborhood. With his trumpet. And, all that Jazz!

Aoba to Open on Blake Street in March!

Taking over and re-making the space that was Organixx, Aoba Japanese Restaurant plans a March opening. The contribution to the neighborhood: Sushi, of course, along with unique noodle dishes “not available in Denver” according to one of the owners. And, they plan on serving small plates of Japanese tapas, sake and Japanese beer. Aoba means greenery in Japanese.

Ummm, Sushi!

Aoba joins other independent and locally owned restaurants on the block of Blake between 15th and 16th. Still vacant is the space that 8 Rivers occupied until a few months ago. So the current and soon-to-be food mix of that one side of one Downtown block includes Indian, Japanese, Tavern, Fresh Beer, Mexican and Weinerese. Not to mention Cholon’s Asian across the street. Something for everyone and not a pizza on the block!

Still Time to Be Heard!

Union Station Alliance is re-developing historic Union Station. The top two floors will be converted to a hotel, operating in conjunction with the Oxford Hotel across the street. The main floor will be developed into food, beverage and retail spaces serving the hotel and the public.

Public Input for Public Spaces Most Welcome!

There are still plenty of opportunities to voice your ideas about how that entire first floor should be done. What shops and services could go in there and serve both the travelers and the neighbors, the business people in the area and daily transit users? Union Station will be the hub of a multi-modal transit center in Denver and a center of LoDo activity.

And, with both the Great Hall and the Wynkoop Plaza areas available, what kind of activities and events will enhance the entire development and the neighborhood?

These are big questions…still to be answered…and you can provide input.

Joe Vostrejs of Larimer Associates is leading the retail concept development. Join him, at Union Station, today at 4:30 for a focus group discussion and idea session. If you can’t make it today, the same format will occur next week, Thursday and Friday, the 26th and 27th at 4:30. (Hint: You also can enter for a doorprize!)

And, Dana Crawford of Union Station Alliance is holding three more sessions to discuss your ideas for events and activities in those big public spaces, inside and out. Her sessions, also at Union Station, are from 4 to 5:30, on Wednesdays, 25 January and 1 and 8 February.

There is time to be heard. And, people are listening. Help assure Union Station’s success!