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Union Station Awarded the Denver by the Slice “Top Tacky Tree Trophy” for 2nd Year!

Of all the nice holiday lights Downtown every season, one part of one display always stands out. Every year, someone climbs up the flagpole in front of Union Station and throws down a few strands of LED lights which are attached around the bottom. The result loosely remembles the shape of a holiday tree.

Union Station...Elves or Visionaries at Work?

The Union Station “Tree” stands dead-center in front of the historic building which, itself, is routinely and tastefully swathed in colored lights. The “tree” cuts into smooth color transitions and pokes aimlessly toward the sky, awaiting its few fans having their pictures taken underneath (the lucky ones with Dinger-Klaus) to send off to Facebook.

Meanwhile, for those unlucky enough to have to stay at home last Friday to look out the window, television covered the lighting ceremonies. KCNC, Channel 4, did, in fact, show a 5-second shot of Carolers from the station  prior to its “Grand Illumination.” Then, they switched to a program at the Civic Center leading up to the annual lighting there. That program showed very little of the lighting and festivities, but they did play a lot of music from a new Christmas album by Opie Gone Bad. If you had to watch…then try to find a highlight…you would have no choice but to choose the duet between Opie lead singer Jake Schroeder and Denver First Lady Mary Louise Lee. They combined on a version of “Edelweiss” that was so bad, one could be concerned about renewed hostilities.

Now, the lights are on. Civic Center, 16th Street Mall, Skyline Park (where they have real trees and ice-skating and such) and at Union Station. That’s one tacky tree there at the station. Shouldn’t be too hard to find an RTD bus to run the poor thing down. It is standing still!

Surely some company, or would be developer, would see the value in this location. For a real Holiday tree. Or, a hotel.

A Pledge to Our Audience… from “Denver by the Slice”

You will never see…or hear…a Justin Bieber commercial for Macy’s at this website. And, we hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving, otherwise!

See you Friday. Yep. Here, in Downtown Denver!

Denver by the Slice Goes Under the Knife!

The Extraction of the Stone of Madness (The Cure of Folly) by Hieronymus Bosch

We need a new part and it’s going to take a couple of days up on the rack to get it. Fear not, we’ll be back with more news as soon as the drugs wear off. Not that you would notice!

And, probably just in time to tell you what choice the brain trust of RTD has made for preservation of the historic Union Station, what pain-killers go best with turkey and whether or not the Broncos really have any shot at fame this season.

Meanwhile, we’ll take steps to our own preservation! Come back in a couple of days! And, be careful crossing the streets.

Clyfford Still Museum is Now Open!

Pictures at an Exhibition

Paintings by American abstract expressionist Clyfford Still can finally be seen. In Denver. At 13th and Bannock.

The Museum opened today and features work from the collection belonging to Denver. Only the works of Still will be displayed. But, members of the art world will beat a steady path to Denver from around the world to see those paintings.

You can determine your favorites, or just your opinion, from 10-5, Tuesday through Sunday, and 10-8 on Fridays. Admission $10 for adults. Students and Seniors, $6.

Gobs of Gobblers Needed Now!

We need turkeys!

The Denver Rescue Mission (DRM) urgently requests donations of 10,000 frozen turkeys, weighing 12 pounds or more, to feed the homeless and poor during the holiday season. Since the drive began on November 1st, a small number of turkeys have been donated and there is only one week until Thanksgiving. Turkeys can be dropped off at the Mission’s Lawrence Street Shelter, 1130 Park Avenue West in downtown Denver (corner of Park Avenue and Lawrence Street).

Help out, please. If you need more information,, or call 303-297-1815. You can do this!

‘Tis the Season…Oxford Decorates Living Room Today!

The Victorian lobby of the Oxford Hotel in Lower Downtown is taking on a new look…today! Decorations are going up for the holidays, and this year the theme looks bright and white.

At the center of the visual feast is a new carousel, working and moving, built and designed by hotel engineer Mike Michna, last spotted high atop a ladder fiddling with the parts. He should be proud. And, as always, the result will be a treat when the hanging is finished, and the lights go on. Thanks to the Oxford for their annual…even if a little early…holiday decor. And, of course, everyone is invited in to see it.

And, Denver by the Slice wishes a speedy recovery to Oxford Director of Sales, Amy Stansbery. We’ll look forward to walking around LoDo with you soon!

Meanwhile, just out the door, the Grand Illumination of Downtown will light up next Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Starting at Union Station, lights will go on beginning at 6:30 throughout the 16th Street Mall, the Civic Center and all over Skyline Park. It will snow.

And, sometime soon, it appears that Charlie Palmer’s District Meats restaurant will be opening. Peeking in, more white than before, and the wine bottle racks are already stocked on every pillar. That’s in the old Il Fornaio space, as we prefer to refer to it, on Wazee Street.

Light up. Eat up.

A Break in the Chain…and Other News

The imposing “Block of Chains” running from Larimer to the Corner Bakery and The Palm along the 16th Street Mall has lost one of its links. Ling & Louie’s closed its location here and the space will turn into Ambria, with another mountain chef, Jeremy Kittelson coming down from Avon.

Fear not, chain lovers. You still have the Cheesecake Factory, Smashburger and much more to get you around the block. But, stoke up soon because the Southwest Airlines Ice Rink is going back up now and will be open soon for your skating and slipping pleasure. Good work in keeping this area energized from the folks at Lannie’s Clocktower and Jerry Arca!

When it gets to January, though, don’t look for Big Air. That event at the Civic Center… with skiers and boarders careening down a giant steel mountain and jumping into space, landing in the Mayor’s Office…won’t be back this year. Scheduling conflicts are reported, but Denver organizers are planning something to show that the city is Olympics-worthy. Really?

Come summer, the Biennial of the Americas, slated for every two years, won’t be back either. At least not until early 2013 when the event will be over 5 days instead of the month long celebration of the arts held in 2010. See today’s Denver Post for more information.

But, closer on the calendar, Saturday, November 12 is the date for an annual Thanksgiving feast for the needy. This year, the event has moved to Bannock Street between 14th and Colfax. Look for 15,000 people to be fed from noon to 6. And, if you like, you can still volunteer to help out. Here’s the information.

And, we have a final Film Festival recommendation for you. “KArt Across America” will screen one more time, Sunday, at 11:45 at the Starz Film Center. If it is at all possible for you to get a ticket…do it! This is a fun trip, full of great insights into our culture all around the country…with two guys in a golf cart! See it if you can. And, be careful crossing the streets!