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Keep An Eye Out for Trick-or-Treaters! And, Be Careful Crossing the Streets! Photo: Diane Huntress

Photo Op at the Money Museum!

Just Another Saturday Afternoon in Downtown Denver. Falling Leaves, Drums and Megaphones.

Now Hear This! Performance Art in the Streets!

On Saturday, October 29, it’s music in the streets. And, it should be experienced.

“Playing Apart,” conducted by artists Jon Rubin and Lee Walton, will dismantle an entire 90-piece marching band from Bear Creek High School into single performers who will each start playing their instrument on various corners of downtown Denver, then taking specific walking routes, collectively covering one-square mile of the city. Mimicking the experience of city life, band members will intersect randomly in an unpredictable mash-up of instruments and sounds. This piece of art will be performed twice, in two different quadrants of downtown.

Performance 1 is from 1:30-2:00 in an area bounded by Blake Street, 14th, California and 20th Street. Performance 2 is 4:00-4:30 in an area bounded by Blake Street, 20th Street, California and 26th Street. You can see more information here.

And, what will they actually play? Your favorite song by Twisted Sister, of course!

Views of Union Station

Last Night at the MCA Luminocity Gala, Union Station

Then…and When. Two teams competing to redevelop the Regional Transportation District’s historic Denver Union Station building will present their proposals at a public event on Thursday, Nov. 3.

The presentations will begin at 6:15 at the Convention Center. One proposal will come from Union Station Neighborhood Company and is expected to be a combination of office and retail use, with talk of a “market” concept. Continuum and East/West Partners are involved in that.

The other presentation will put forth the idea of a boutique hotel use of the building, with a restaurant and other services. That is coming from the Union Station Alliance, involving Dana Crawford, Sage Hospitality and others. At some point, RTD, in their infinite wisdom, will decide which direction the re-use of the historic building will go.

And, we’ll try our best to keep an information flow on the project actually reaching Downtown Residents.

In the meantime, the old place dressed up real good last night! And, a good time was had by all.

Bananas Peel Off at 11! Gorillas Expected to Follow!

Apes a'plenty Saturday Morning!

Street Watch…

Over 1000 hairy apes will take over Wynkoop Street Saturday morning. Starting at the Wynkoop Brewery, the giant band will dash down Wynkoop, crossing Manny’s Bridge over Cherry Creek and descend to the bike path below. A bit later, they’ll return to Wynkoop via 15th Street, make a hard left in front of MeatTV at Fogo, and head for the beer.

Remember, these are apes. Apes for a good cause, but apes, nonetheless. Hide your small animals! And, your bananas.

This Week in Food. In Downtown. Coming and Going.

There is seldom a shortage of food news in Downtown Denver. Here is some you may have missed.

In just over a week, on Tuesday, November 8, Tom and Diane Coohill will debut their long-anticipated restaurant called…Coohills! It’s at 1400 Wewatta overlooking Cherry Creek. The menu will be French-influenced with a heavy reliability on local ingredients. Tom Coohill has trained with the best, here and abroad, and is an award winning chef. The restaurant will feature an exciting layout complete with patio and fire-pit, private rooms and a community chef’s table. Later in November, they will also offer lunch service. You can see the menu here. And, take note, many private and holiday functions are already booked!

Meanwhile, over on Blake Street, 8 Rivers is closing. It won’t be easy to replace a spot where you could eat terrific jerked chicken, watch the Boston Red Sox, drink from a huge selection of Jamaican rums and listen to Bob Marley music. Good luck to Scott and Wanda!

Just over the bridge in Highlands, Jeff and Marc Bauman have opened the Pig & Block Charcuterie, 3326 Tejon. This shop features meat. House-made sausage, small and local craft charcuterie, locally raised and locally butchered pigs and such. It’s a true butcher shop in a newly demanding neighborhood…and close enough to Downtown residents. You can read about them at Facebook.

And, while the hammers and saws are demolishing what was the inside of Dixon’s, just down Wazee, more meat news. Charlie Palmer is keeping the windows covered on his project in the former Big Game space. Last reports were still promoting a late November opening for District Meats. And, later, more pizza for the neighborhood.

He’s Back! Friday at Plus Gallery!

Bill Amundson pulls no punches in his depiction of society gone mad. Returning to Denver for a one-man show of all new drawings at Plus Gallery, 2501 Larimer, Amundson expands on the great success of his deft use of pencil and paper…and a wild imagination. Bill has been a force in the Denver art scene for years, even after moving away in 2010.

The show opens this Friday, October 28 with an Opening Reception from 6-9 p.m.

And, wait until you hear him talk! Plan on attending the enhanced gallery talk with props, interruptions and souvenirs, Friday, November 4 at 7 p.m. Plus Gallery is open and free to the public Wednesday through Saturday, 12-5.