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What’s on TV Tonight? Oh, Let’s Just Watch Meat!

"Where'd that remote go?"

This is weird. At the corner of Wynkoop and 15th Street, in the window of Fogo de Chao, the Brazilian Steakhouse, you can stand outside and watch television. And, the show is always about meat!

MeatTV shows you what goes on in the restaurant. But, if you go inside, there is no TV to show you what is going on outside. They just keep bringing you meat.

For years, outdoorsmen have lingered outside Players, the men’s clothing store at Wazee and 15th, viewing sporting events through the window on the giant screen running into the night. Now, just a block away, they can stand and watch food. We’re waiting for the ratings to come out.

Burning Beauty Questions About To Be Answered!

Like, “Does a French wine go best with a French Manicure?” Or, “What beer will actually stand up to a blow-dryer?” Those dilemmas, and many others, will soon be styled…er, solved… at Fluff Bar, 1516 Wazee.

As we lament recent and impending vacancies along Wazee (Dixon’s, Gumbo’s, Big Game), it’s been easy to overlook this developing nook’s conversion to a combination cocktail lounge, styling salon and champagne bar.

But, according to the website, Fluff should join the ranks of bubbly LoDo hangouts in about 3 weeks. Then, we’ll all know that a Merlot is really a bit fruit-forward for the manicure, and a Stout must surely be right with the heat of a blow-dryer. Champagne? Sure, and a little off the top, please!

High Rise Apartment Project Planned Near Union Station

The Zocalo Community Development folks are at it again. Their “green” living spaces include Solera at 20th and Lawrence, and a new project across from that in the Ballpark neighborhood.

Today, the announcement comes for a 13 story, 220 unit building at 17th and Chestnut, right in the middle of the Union Station re-development project. You can read about it here, at the Denver Post site.

Just a few weeks ago, Denver by the Slice featured Susan Maxwell of Zocalo in our Talking Points feature. You can see that profile here.

Well…How ’bout Those Broncos?

Woody Paige: “…a game that smelled like a sweat sock.” 

Enough said.

They Get to Play With the Whole Building!

Opening tonight at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 15th and Delgany, is an exhibition taking over the entire interior of the museum. The show is comprised of acrylic yarn sculptures by artist Fred Sandback. It’s up until October 23.

Fred Sandback. Untitled (Sculptural Study, Two-part Vertical Construction), 1986-2008.

Part of the show’s statement says, “Conceived as a counterpart to MCA Denver’s previous exhibition Another Victory Over the Sun, which blacked out all natural light from the building, allowing the art to stand out against the architecture, this exhibition works with the museum’s architecture in an entirely opposite way.” You can read the full description at the MCA site here.

Members reception today, Friday from 6-8, public opening 8-10. And, for the opening, “5¢ for teens, students and those with string. 10¢ for everyone else.”

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Come back for the full week. And, be careful crossing the streets this weekend.

The Last Saturday at Dixon’s

Owner Lee Goodfriend Signs the Guest Book!

The neighborhood turned out in a big way for the Irish Wake at Dixon’s Downtown Grill. First a pipe band, then a jazz band, and the patio area was full for the entire afternoon. Good fun…but bittersweet.

Dixon’s ended its 14 year run at 16th and Wazee with a classy party, good stories, a casket full of beer…and a familiar crew all wearing T-shirts that said, “Thank You.”

No, thank you to Lee Goodfriend, David Racine and the late Dixon Staples for all getting together at Denver’s first fern bar, Zach’s, in the 70’s to figure out what kind of places Denver really needed. And, best of luck in continuing to feed us well at Racine’s. We’ll miss you Downtown.