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Some Things to Watch For…And, Watch Out For in October

October always presents its challenges. The weather might change. (Sure bet) Or, Walgreen’s might run out of peanut butter cups for Halloween. (We doubt it)

So here is a short, but important list of events in Downtown Denver that you should note. And, yes, there are many activities not nearly as scary as Haunted Houses or Broncos games!

For instance, early next week, here at Denver by the Slice, we’ll tell you all about a very special art opening at the Emmanuel Gallery on the Auraria Campus next Thursday. And, more art news through the week.

But to start with this weekend, Saturday marks the last day of this year’s Great American Beer Festival. Not that you can get tickets…they sold out months ago…but so that you can understand why so many people are walking around looking like they just had a lot of beer. And, acting like it. And, hopefully, not driving. Yikes!

Saturday is also the last day of the Women of Faith confab at the Pepsi Center. Much less beer, but, still, a lot of walking around.

Sunday, of course, the sky will be bright blue, but everything else will be very pink! Thousands will converge on the Pepsi Center area for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Tens of thousands. Congratulations on the continuing success of Denver efforts in the program to fight Breast Cancer!

By, Sunday, October 9, many Downtown streets will be impacted with both marathoners and rock ‘n roll bands. If you live Downtown, you’ll be able to hear some of both, but probably not after about 9 in the morning. You can translate that to mean the music will be very early in the morning. And, you can read about the street closures for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon here, at Denver by the Slice, next week.

A better dressed event in October is the upcoming Luminosity Gala benefitting the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver. This year’s invites are out, and you can sign up at the website. The event will be held at Denver’s Union Station, Thursday, October 27, an interesting location choice. The Gala has become one of Denver’s best tickets. You’ll want to be on board.

And, by the way, Denver by the Slice Readers, you are already in very good company!

Through the miracle of the internet (and, that’s where we get this information, so it must be true) we know how many people from how many places by how many methods read how much of Denver by the Slice. Our crack metrics tell us that, in the last 30 days alone, thousands of page views came from 23 countries around the world. Most, of course, are from the United States, right here in Denver. But, we have some pretty regular visitors from Japan, Canada, all the nice parts of Europe, Asia and some guy in China.

People in 31 states, but no one in Alaska, checked in with the Slice. Texas, California and New York ranked distantly behind Colorado. And, of course, the bulk of our readers are in Denver. But, 19 other Colorado cities looked in as well.

You, readers, are a special group. Our advertisers know that. And, they are not visually “pounding” or flashing you to get their attention. But, do tell them you saw their ad at Denver by the Slice.

Keep reading. Remember, when checking the latest “Fresh News and Views of Living in Downtown Denver,” here at the Slice, you can wear whatever you want!

Thanks for reading. And, be careful crossing the streets!

Rockies Will Open 2012 Season on a Winning Streak!

Strange, but true. The Rockies quietly finished a disappointing season with a rare road win in San Francisco. So start the countdown. It’s only 190 days until next year’s version of the Rocks appear in Houston for Opening Day 2012! And, unlike some other famous teams that might come to mind, your Colorado Rockies are on a roll!

Another View of the Urban Landscape

Just Look Around! Photo: Diane Huntress

Photographers will tell you that shadows and sky always look the most interesting around the time of the equinox. Landscapes, too!

Mall Restoration…Are We Being Served?

One of the long-running British comedies consistently showing up around 10 p.m. on PBS was a favorite – “Are You Being Served?” And, one of the great episodes was about the re-modeling of the women’s department at the Grace Department Store, the setting of the series. The men’s and women’s department shared the same floor so with the announcement of the project to make over the women’s, space had to be shared for a while. Big curtains were put up around the women’s area, saws sawed, hammers hammered and workers behind the curtain cursed and dropped things all day. That went on, hidden from view, for several days, disrupting the normal department store business.

When, finally, the curtains came down to reveal the newly re-made and improved women’s department, the staff anxiously approached to take in the newness. But, it looked exactly as it had before the curtains went up. Exactly.

Now, there are curtains up around one lane of the 16th Street Mall between Tremont and Court. There is pounding, sawing, rock tossing, trucking and digging galore going on inside those curtains. And, the predicted result is that the famous Mall pavers will be overturned, cleaned and “tractioned-up” with the process repeating all up and down the mile long span. That’s called Mall Improvement. And, that’s what we get after countless public “input” meetings and overflowing suggestion boxes.

I.M. Pei designed the paver pattern to resemble the pattern of a diamondback rattlesnake. Colors have faded. Traction in the winter is non-existent for people or busses. And, Montoya Masonry appears to have a lifetime contract keeping the stones in the right places and properly grouted.

And. behind that curtain? They really are still trying to figure out the best way to get the color back and make the stones less slippery. When they do, they’ll put them all back and move to the next block.(Much to the relief of patrons of the Yard House!) Then, the next. When they get all done and roll all the curtains back, we’ll have a “new” 16th Street Mall. Just like the old one.

Meanwhile, in LoDo, restoration is taking place on an historic vertical surface – the 15th Street facade of the Edbrooke Lofts building at Wynkoop Street

Edbrooke: Putting On a New Face

The building was constructed in 1906 for the Spratlen-Anderson Mercantile Company on the original site of the Washington Hotel and Studebaker Buggy and Carriage House. In 1905, Frank Edbrooke was hired to plan a four-story warehouse to replace the old wood frame building formerly on this site, and a fifth story was added even before the initial construction was completed.  In 1911 a sixth floor was added, also designed by Edbrooke, with detailing identical to that on the fifth floor. In 1988, restoration of the building and conversion to residential units was begun by Dana Crawford.

Time, traffic, pollution, weather and other factors have taken a substantial toll on the masonry elements on the north façade of the building.  The current restoration project will encompass replacing broken bricks, repointing missing and damaged mortar, restoring/replacing sandstone on decorative bands and sills, and cleaning the exterior surface of the north façade.  Building Restoration Speciallties, Inc. is performing the work.

This project is being managed by Historic Denver and funded through History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society’s State Historical Fund.

The results are already obvious, reflecting the same quality of restoration seen across the street at the Saddlery Building. And, this restoration isn’t hiding behind a curtain!

Bryan David Griffith…Just a Few More Days at Translations Gallery!

Bryan David Griffith: "Traverse"

The artist will be at the closing reception for this exhibit on Wednesday, September 28 from 5:30 to 8:30. He’ll also be signing commemorative catalogs of the exhibit. This is another of Translations Gallery’s fine photgraphy exhibits featuring local and regional artists of national note.

The gallery says about his work: “In A Big World Wandering showcases photographs by the artist that seem remembered, retold, or dreamed. He depicts situations as metaphors for how we are often alone in a big world wandering; our destinations unclear in places that are ambiguous and often absurd, yet beautiful and inspiring.”

The closing reception is free and open to the public. You just have today, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday to see this show at 1743 Wazee. And, you should!

Before You Start Beer Festivaling this Friday…

This news about the Union Station area and this Friday’s Emergency Drill, provided by the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association:

Neighborhood Alert!
Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise
September 23, 2011

Please be aware that Operation Mountain Guardian, a terrorism-based, full-scale emergency exercise, is scheduled to take place in numerous locations in the Denver metro area including Union Station on Friday, September 23, 2011. The exercise will involve first responders from 81 different agencies, will be conducted at ten separate locations and will include loud noises, simulated weapons, smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day. The exercise at Union Station should begin at 8:30 am and end by 4:00 pm. Daria Serna – (303-299-2674) – is the contact for questions related to the exercise at Union Station and Lynn Kimbrough – (720-913-9025) – is the contact for questions on Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise.

And, you thought we were just going to point out another big pile of dirt!

Public Art Spanning Another LoDo Bridge!

New Look for Historic Bridge

The construction taking place on the Delgany Street pedestrian bridge over Cherry Creek…is really an art installation. The work is a structure designed by Colorado artist Patrick Marold. It involves hundreds of steel rods creating a “cloud” landscape that changes its appearance from every angle of view, throughout the day, and with the seasons.

Marold was selected to provide an installation funded by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, now called Arts and Venues. The bridge, owned by the Greenway Foundation, is one of the historic old railroad bridges spanning Cherry Creek. This public art project joins the already installed “LoDo Lights”, a contemporary and interactive piece on Manny’s Bridge, the pedestrian link at Wynkoop Street. Lodo Lights was featured at Denver by the Slice at this link.

You can see more of Marold’s work here, at his website. And, watch for the public dedication of the Delgany work in the next few weeks. We’ll report it here. But, go take a look! And, be careful crossing the streets!