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Cook’s Fresh Market Cooks Up Fresh Look!

For some of us, it was bad enough that they closed for even a day. Planned for just one week, their re-model dragged into two weeks. But, now they are back. And, much for the better!

Cook’s put some new looks into their fine corner market at 16th and Glenarm. Along with a shiny new floor (the re-model “time bandit”), they have added some bench seating in the busy dining area, a full service coffee bar featuring ILLY coffee,  new arrangements with new product cases and new hours. Cook’s Fresh Market is now open at 6:45 in the morning, serving until 8:00 at night! And, ILLY in the morning is a good thing!

Denver by the Slice highlighted Cook’s in this article about groceries in Downtown Denver. This is the place for high quality meat and fish, produce, prepared food and meals, catering, cheese and fancy stuff for fun. We hear they may be adding some more surprises soon!

For now, “Coffee’s on! “

Owners Kristi and Ed Janos with Butcher/Partner Bill Roehl

Weather to Blame for Everything!

This week’s weather was news. And, it seems that everything anyone, anywhere, tried to do this week was delayed by that weather. Further work at Union Station was moved back because of the cold. Flights everywhere were delayed or cancelled. And, the promised Coffee Survey of the 16th Street Mall, a Denver by the Slice exclusive report, never made it out of the pot.

Don't Forget Your Hat!

But, it will. And, since it will contain information that could even be helpful for Valentine’s Day, we’ll try our best to get on it next week. At one editorial meeting, we considered counting every television screen in every eating or drinking establishment on the Mall. But, we’re not sure we can count that high, nor exactly what we would do with the information.

Living on a Balcony Near You

You can bet, though, that this weekend, most of those screens will be tuned to frigid Dallas for the Super Bowl. You can get a biased preview of that game in one Downtown display. Unless these rabid fans scored tickets (and, a successful flight) to the game, the weekly “Steeler Shrine” should be in place Sunday. If you really can’t think of anything else to do, wander under the balcony over the alley at 15th, between Wazee and Wynkoop, to get your Steeler fix. The sign says you’re in Steeler Country. And, all the time you thought you were in Denver!

Perhaps the local professional football team will make it back there…when we can all take the train to the airport.

All Eyes on Wazee. See this Exhibit!

Since 1976, Jim Robischon has been featuring the works of regional, national and international artists on the walls of Robischon Gallery. And, this latest show of photography at 1740 Wazee is a must-see.

Iraqi born Halim Alkarim, in his fourth solo exhibition at Robischon, fills a space with haunting, rich images of his new series, “Hidden Love.” New York artist Bill Armstrong, in his third solo at the gallery, has brought three distinctly

Halim Alkarim, "Hidden Love 10"

 different, but related, photographic series: “Renaissance Portrait”, “Renaissance Dream” and “Renaissance”. Finally, Colorado/California artist, Eric Schwartz shows seven large-scale portraits of individuals from Los Angeles proudly exposed as the bearers of Chicano Black and Gray style tattoos.

The show runs through March 26. And, for more information, you can check the Robishon Gallery site here. See this!

Groundhogs Scarce Downtown

Our temperature has been taken…stolen, in fact. But, regardless of rodent predictions from the East, Spring will arrive in Denver before most places. And, that’s good. This year for Groundhog Day, we thought we would re-run our post from last year, as a tribute to our favorite “grounddog” who, though gone now, will stand by his last predictions.

Downtown’s LoDog Sees Shadow, Predicts…

For the lucky 13th time, this dog ventured out on February 2 to look for his shadow and try to make some sense of it. Ramon, the house weiner dog of Denver by the Slice, indeed saw his shadow today.

The tradition, of course, is based on some old German folklore that claims six more weeks of winter will ensue if a hibernating mammal sees his shadow on February 2. A snooze alarm for the critter. Somehow the job got filtered down to a groundhog in Pennsylvania. This dog, however, qualifies as a mammal that sleeps most of the time, so let’s give the job to him.

He and the hog reached slightly different conclusions. Ramon predicts some cold days in February, early spring buds, a snowstorm in April, and one Rockies rainout in May. Sort of like it always is. Then he went back to sleep.

(From the Archives of Denver by the Slice, February 3, 2010)