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So Much for the Patio Seating Idea!

Downtown Today

The patio seating concept of last Friday disappeared before the ink dried on that post here at Denver by the Slice. Instead, we are closing out the month in what is really a more normal fashion for a cold day in Downtown Denver…trying to stay indoors and off the streets…curled up in front of the fireplace video playing  on the television.

The Return to Patio Seating?

Okay, we may be pushing it a bit. But on a Friday, late in January (yes, January!) when the temperature is approaching 70 degrees…we can’t help it.

Replaces Missing Ice!

The ski jump is gone from the Civic Center. And, the only ice on the Mall is at the Southwest Skating Rink below the Clocktower. But even that’s going away after this weekend. Did you know that they had three times as many skaters as they had projected?

It’s bound to change, even cool off some, probably even snow again. But, those Denver days in January when every outdoor table is taken are special. Enjoy the weekend and come back to the Slice next week for our Coffee Inventory!

“Hey! Take Your Opinions Somewhere Else!”

Of course, Denver by the Slice has opinions…on many the diverse subject. And, on occasion, they even turn into a bit of a rant. Topics big and small. Topics of great civic importance. Topics that just seem important in the moment.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Architect

So to keep the regular content of Denver by the Slice, here, fresh and breezy…like you like it…we’ll occasionally take those other opinions somewhere else.

You can read a first installment, if you like, at this link. This is a compilation of some recent thoughts about Public Meetings. We posted it over in the Whole Words Market site, a new location, in the Opinion Aisle. Kind of like a bookshelf in the other room.

That should keep the drivel and fluff off of these pages so that we keep bringing you useful, or entertaining, information about living in Downtown Denver!

RTD Mall Shuttle Adds Un-Scheduled Stop at Saddlery Building!

Today, just after 10 this morning, a turning RTD Shuttle took out part of the construction fence at the ongoing renovation of the Saddlery Building at 15th and Wynkoop. Links of the fence were dragged into Wynkoop Street by the bus, blocking one of the lanes of traffic on this narrow, but busy, street. The fence sections were bent, but no people were.

Wynkoop at 15th is a narrow 2-way, made even narrower by the bike lane-crowding construction fence. Yet, every day, RTD moves its fleet of shuttles in and out for rush periods, through that intersection, back and forth to their resting place.

And, these guys are lousy at turning those buses. If you are unlucky enough to be a pedestrian on the Saddlery side of the street facing one of those turns, you will be frightened and brought to a standstill. Any approaching RTD bus is reason enough for concern. A turning shuttle bus can instill panic.

Future Restaurant Terrace?

As for the Saddlery construction/renovation, the contractor is not at liberty to discuss the project, but workers estimate they will be there several more months. Then, we get a sidewalk, finally, along the Wynkoop side of the building. And, eventually, the shuttles will stop using that route with the new location of the Light Rail. They’ll have to find new fences to run over.

Wynkoop Brewery Serves Up Lots More than Beer! And, also Beer!

You could easily make the argument that one of the most significant cultural centers of Downtown Denver is located at the corner of 18th and Wynkoop. Unlike other “cultural centers” in Denver, you won’t find a 10-story artificial ski slope here. You won’t wade through a list of rock star architects who designed the place. And, the lights won’t flash telling you it’s time to find your seat.

But, there is always something going on there. Besides being a well-used community gathering spot, the Wynkoop busies itself with events and programs to appeal to everyone. Denver by the Slice received their newsletter today, and we thought to share just the first four days of February with you. Three events. All different, but typical of the activity level in any month.

On Tuesday, February 1 at 6 p.m., Scott Morrissey, Deputy Director of Green Point Denver will present in the S2 Sustainability Series. He’ll discuss successful programs like the B-Cycle bike sharing, Denver’s Mile-Hi Million Tree Planting Initiative, and various neighborhood energy outreach programs taking place.

Just two days later, the Wynkoop will play host to a preview of Swallow Hill’s Ukulele Fest (February 4-5) with their own Heavy Metal Ukulele Shred, 7:30-9:30 on the 3rd.

And, then on Friday the 4th, the Wynkoop taps a special seasonal offering, its own ode to love and romance (that’s culture, also, I think) called “The Coupler.” A railroad term, for sure, but described by the brewery thusly:

“Our special Valentine’s beer is a luscious imperial stout made with mountains of malts, hot peppers and cocoa nibs, then aged in a Stranahan’s whiskey barrel. Brand new and big & bold, sure to stoke the fires of love and friendship.”

Downtown living tips from Denver by the Slice. You can live Downtown…and/or live at the Wynkoop…to fill your soul!

Melissa Furness at Plus Gallery: “trans-formations”

Opening tonight and running through February 25. Artist’s Reception 6-9, January 21.

Detail fron the painting "Gebora", Melissa Furness

” For the gallery’s first solo exhibition of the new year 2011, Melissa Furness returns to the main space presenting “trans-formations” from January 21st through February 25th, her first solo exhibition in Denver and an exciting, ambitious undertaking that will encompass the gallery in a world of reinvented histories.”

Plus Gallery is located at 2501 Larimer. So ably owned and operated by Ivar Zeile. Close to the Rhino!

Heist or Hike? Silver Bear Goes Missing!

For 29 years in Writer Square, David Scott held fort at his stylish Triage clothing store. When the center’s new owners thought rents should go up, oh, by 30% or so, David decided it was time to do something else.

As the rest of one of Denver’s prime mixed-use urban spaces morphed into a strip mall, complete with Starbucks, Sprint and Subway Sandwiches and plenty of vacant storefronts, the owners struggled to find new tenants. The former Triage space became Silver Bear Jewelry and had a total makeover.

Then, just last weekend, after only a few weeks of business, Silver Bear disappeared. The place is empty. No one even left a note. The next door neighbors have no clue at all as to what happened.

This was supposed to be an offspring of a store in Aspen. Can’t find that one either. One night a couple of years ago, a Thomas Kincaid store in Aspen pulled the same thing. Ran off into the night.

So, Downtown is down one bear. Nothing to feel too blue about. But, what’s next at Writer Square?