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Union Station Stakeholders…Here’s Who to Call!

You can now read at the Union Station Advocates site, here, about the task these people are charged with. By early February, 2011, they are to make a “consensus recommendation” to the Board of RTD for what to do with the Historic Union Station Building in this massive re-development project.

Members of the Stakeholder Group:

  • Elbra Wedgeworth/Jerry Glick – DUSPA
  • Annie Levinsky – Historic Denver
  • Anne Hayes/Ron Straka – Union Station Advocates
  • John Desmond – Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Mike West – Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • Holly Barrett/Chris Shears – Lower Downtown District, Inc.
  • Diane Barrett/Ellen Ittelson – City and County of Denver
  • Bill Sirois – RTD

 They mention that there will be public input sessions as they are forming their recommendation, but we have not yet seen the schedule. RTD is relying on this group to recommend types of activities and businesses to fit within the building, and within the parameters of transit goals, service to the public and the historic re-use of the space.

Denver by the Slice will attempt to publish any dates for input sessions as available. If you can imagine this building with thousands of people passing through it daily, you can dream of what you, as one of those people, might like to encounter there. I doubt that we will see shoe shine stands or barber shops, but we may see some form of newsstand and soda fountain…”moderned up” if you will. Martini’s to go? Flowers for the boss? Safe toy buses to take home to the kids?

Infamous Downtown Dock Beginning Reincarnation!

Watch for our update very soon on this LoDo renovation, reaching for new heights!

Will the Ladder be Back?

Weekend Preview: Rockettes to Play Broncos!

Dancing trumps football (in this region anyway) this weekend with the appearance at the Pepsi Center of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Five shows. Kick it up!

And, say farewell…soon…on December 6 to all of those wonderful, and well-ridden bright red Denver B-Cycles. They’ll go inside for the winter and return on March 1. Any bets there will be more snow after March 1 than before December 6?

And, next week, brace for 13,000 people in town for the American Society of Nephrology convention, November 16-21. Then, come back for some low-cost dining tips in Downtown and a progress report on the Saddlery Building re-do.

Cold Case: School Project Reveals Urban Dilemma

What’s the right thing to do when the goldfish dies? That’s what one Downtown family asked themselves recently when ‘Lefty’ turned up floating in the bowl one morning. (By the way, By the Slice has changed all the names in this story, because…well…you know.)
Lefty was a member of a school of fish being observed by a school of kids. After the lesson, the fish were given to the kids to take home, feed, nourish, play and do fish things around the house. Now, normally, goldfish like this can live for up to 10 years. These hardy descendents of Prussian Carp even learn to recognize people, react to feeding times and swim endlessly. But, they also need room to stretch their legs, so too often they end up in spaces that are really too small for them. One thing leads to another and eventually they just throw in the towel. After seven months of urban living, that’s what Lefty did.

Lefty was Popular in School

Therein lies the dilemma. What to do with the now expired critter when you don’t have a yard or garden for a proper burial, and Denver laws are pretty clear about what you can legally insert into the water system.

No, No, Not Down the Drain

Lefty, therefore, lies in state in the freezer while the family figures this out. Many open discussions have taken place in the bereaved home, and when last we checked, it appeared that Lefty might end up with a proper burial after all. In a small goldfish coffin fashioned from a sardine can. Wrapped in seaweed from Pacific Mercantile. And, placed in a corner of a large flower pot on the balcony. We presume with an appropriately modest marker. Probably with its real name on it.

 Two other short fish tales. Do you remember when the owner of a restaurant called Lincoln 900 (or, was it 100?) dumped hundreds of Koi in Cherry Creek near the Denver Country Club…because he liked the way they looked… a few years ago? They should be well past Nebraska by now. And, do you remember the imposing looking Piranha in the tank behind the bar at the old Riviera (aka Glendale Country Club)? His nameplate read: “Adolf Scarf, Credit Manager.”

Slice readers, treat your urban pets well. What would you have done with Lefty?


Breaking News: Body Found in Downtown Freezer!

The Frozen One

Late today, Denver by the Slice learned of a mysterious death in Downtown Denver. We are investigating and hope to have more information soon.

Weekend Preview…

In the Dog Days of November (that time between the end of the World Series or the Election and the start of College Basketball)…

There are hundreds of things you can do this weekend in Downtown Denver. Check out all the activities of Denver Arts Week here at their site. Or, take in a film. The 33rd Denver Film Festival is lighting up screens around town. Find the schedule here at their site.

But, with such good weather, you may want to stay out. So wander up to Larimer Street and take a look at the progress of that street re-make between 15th and 20th. Coming along well. Then, enjoy watching the sun go down just before 6 for the last time for a few months…and remember to change your clock.

It’s never too early, speaking of calendars, to mark yours for Sunday, August 28, 2011. That’s when you can watch the final stage of the Quizno’s Pro Challenge Bicycle Race, as the best riders in the world make their way from Golden to Downtown Denver via a route that will be anything but a straight line.

After you’ve done all of that (and, you can’t have a post-Broncos headache since they mercifully don’t play this week) come back to the Slice for more news of living in Downtown Denver…and a real fish story.

Special Comment: Is it Over Yet?

Denver by the Slice promised a comment on the recent election. And, even though this web-site stays relatively apolitical, we feel compelled to relate a very short anecdote and express some thanks. Now that the awful noise of all the advertising is over, we are left with a few less than gracious threats from some of the winners. And, some regrets for some of the losers.

A couple of years ago, just before the 2008 General Election, Barak Obama came to Denver’s Civic Center on a fine Sunday and thanked the Mayor for his introduction with “John Hickenlooper. Another skinny guy with a funny name!”

Soon, Governor Hickenlooper! Thank you to 50% of Colorado voters who turned out for this election and those who voted for John. And, frankly we can all be very relieved that we don’t have to explain a ‘Governor Tancredo’, or a ‘Senator Buck’ for that matter. And, no one else has to try to explain a ‘Senator O’Donnell’, or a ‘Senator Angle’, or a ‘Senator Fiorina’, or, perhaps, a ‘Senator Miller’. Sometimes, things go right. Not far right. Just right.

We like this quote from author/educator Isaac Asimov: “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'”

Well, it’s over for a while. And, I’m much happier watching the guy in the ad for Geico saying, “Hey, you dang woodchucks. Quit chuckin’ my wood!” Now we’re off to find another good Mayor.