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Weekend Preview…

Apes and lots of Lady Gagas this Halloween. Football from London. Probably just a good time to go and visit this guy…one of Downtown’s friendliest bartenders…Matt at Dixon’s. Then come back to the Slice on Monday to read about Downtown Grocery Shopping!

Next week, we’ll also be discussing the ultimate living green in the city experience and have a special comment on the election. BE SURE YOU VOTE! If you haven’t already voted or sent in your mail ballot, you probably need to show up at the Tattered Cover Tuesday. No, you MUST!

Halloween Downtown…Boo!

Seen on the Street. No Candy Here!

Hide the Bananas!

Gorillas will fill the streets on Saturday for the seventh annual Denver Gorilla Run, benefitting the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. And, it all starts, of course, and ends, at the Wynkoop Brewery. So, at about 11:00, the mounted pace bananas will depart followed by over a thousand (Count ’em!) gorillas. All shapes and sizes and costumes no real gorilla would be caught in. They’ll run, skate, scoot, bike, stroll, dance and mambo their way around a course down Wynkoop Street, across Manny’s bridge, back and forth on the paths along the creek and river, and then back to a cold beer at the Wynkoop.

Monkeying Around on Manny's Bridge

We might frown at some of the groups who take up our streets, but it’s impossible not to smile at a gorilla. Baby gorillas, hula gorillas, cheerleader gorillas, beach gorillas, hockey gorillas, cooking gorillas, dog gorillas, ballroom gorillas, camo gorillas…but no guerillas. Single, married, parried and the ever-popular corporate gorilla teams that never seem to be on the same memo.

Of course, real gorillas know to stay away from this and just count the money raised at the end of the day. And, it’s a bunch.

The Wynkoop Brewery recently started canning its Silverback Pale Ale and proceeds help the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. You can find out more at

And, on Saturday morning, grab your coffee and enjoy these apes. But, keep the bananas hidden just to be sure. Next to the beer!

New Evolution Theory: Zombies Live to Become Gorillas!

New suggestions about evolution are stirring up Downtown Denver this fall. How else can you explain that on Saturday, October 23, thousands of Zombies appear in Skyline Park, crawl up the 16th Street Mall, dance back at the park until dark…and, on the seventh day (the following Saturday), thousands of Gorillas show up at the Wynkoop Brewery? There are more of both every year.

Zombies before becoming Gorillas

This year’s Zombie Crawl event promises to be “the largest Zombie gathering in history.” To which I say, “Hide your children and untethered pets!”

Organizers plan to try to set a new world record for Zombies (and, yes, there is one recognized as 4200 last July in Seattle) so that means a lot of make-up, wacky costumes, and mob behavior. Think of the Denver Cruisers without bikes. The mob will move in some orderly fashion down the Mall from Skyline Park a few blocks and back. And, like the Cruisers, they have rules. No touching of innocent pedestrians. No getting gooey makeup on signs or buildings or cars or animals. No going into stores unless invited. And, no, absolutely no, touching of RTD Shuttles. With any luck, no Zombies will be “touched” by the Shuttles, either.

Back at the park, music and “zombie defense demonstrations” until a movie at dusk. And, they’ll drift into the night? Only to come back as Gorillas?

If you miss this opportunity, another Zombie Crawl nearby (well, Ogden, Utah) will go down Friday the 29th at 6:30 near their version of Union Station. Being Utah, we don’t have any information on what those Zombies may live to be.

So, this theory. Should it be taught in the schools?

Artist Mike Whiting Opening Today at Plus Gallery!

The fourth solo exhibit at Plus, 2501 Larimer, by Mike Whiting opens tonight with an artist’s reception from 6 to 8 p.m. Whiting works in steel and automotive paint to create sculptures that will speak to you as art. Enjoy the latest works until November 27, under the able curation of Plus’ Ivar Zeile!

Moving Rhino to the Neighborhood

The large work shown here in the process of installation (courtesy Ivar) is the 10′ steel Rhino by Whiting, commissioned by the Broadway Viaduct Lower Maintenance District (BVLMD). While that acronym doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, the namesake art district of RINO (River North) sure does. There must be a connection!

Lights On at Four Seasons!

The Four Seasons Hotel opened today, Tuesday, October 19. Congratulations to them for completing an impressive project. They have added more places for friends and relatives of Downtown residents to stay, as well as a new restuarant of the steakhouse persuasion, Edge, with its destination wine display.

For some time now, though, the tower lights have been illuminating the night sky. The rooftop spire is bathed in light with the requisite red beacon at the top. And, around the base of that spire is a revolving effect of colored lights in constant movement. It’s nice. It’s subtle. It does not shout. And, it places the Four Seasons in the Top Three Lighted Denver Towers right along with the City and County Building and the D & F Tower on the Mall. Best observed from a loft rooftop!

If you happened to have grown up in Kansas City, you may be reminded of the old BMA Weather Light Tower near Union Station there. Dads used to like to get out of the house at night and go watch it predict the next day’s weather with a code system. Some dads anyway. Mostly engineers.

And, it should be mentioned that another Denver tower has entered the competition. The eyesore formerly known as the Total Tower at Elitch’s, formerly known as Six Flags, now has lots of colored lights on it. Changing it from just an eyesore to a color-lighted eyesore.

From Boney’s Point of View…

At Writer’s Square, that enigma of a mixed-use urban space, the best view of what is going on may be from the corner hosting the Boney’s Pit BBQ Express cart, very near 16th and Lawrence. Every weekday, they fire up the little smoker and start pumping out pulled pork sandwiches, apparently unbothered by the chaos of the continuing re-development of Writer Square.

From Boney’s, you can see the one new store going in now. Taking the former place of clothier and friend David Scott’s 29-year run with Triage, is reportedly a “high end jewelry retailer from Aspen.” No doubt, they couldn’t find a second Aspen location across from a new Subway shop so they came to Writer Square.

From Boney’s, though, you cannot see the three new empty spaces at the Larimer side of this emerging strip mall. Closing within the last few days are neighbors Jamba Juice, Evil Bean Coffee and the Chez Cheese Gourmet Market. More may come. But, empty spaces abound in what is supposed to be a re-energized pedestrian area in the middle of Downtown.

The cheese shop will be missed by those of us who knew when to show up to avoid, or to join, the long lines of people ordering the “Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich of the Day.” As will Denver’s friendliest cheese slicer!