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An Urban Adventure Idea for the True Believer!

A couple of articles recently caught our attention with the reports of bacteria levels in the creek and river, and health violations at area sports venue concession stands. You may have read them, too.

Water in the Platte comes out of Chatfield relatively highly rated, and low in such things as E-Coli. But, on its way through the city it gains all the drainage, some sewage and the many creeks that flow into it. One of those, of course, is Cherry Creek, forming the Confluence and the adjacent park area. Signs are posted warning residents of potential danger of being in the water there. Doesn’t seem to matter, though, does it? Bacteria, minerals you don’t want, and matter you don’t want abound.

So, what better place to have a Baptism? (Back to that in a moment)

Then, there was the ESPN study of 109 major sports venues around the country and their 2009 citations for food concessions’ critical or major health violations. Take Coors Field, for example. The study found that 62% of the food outlets had been cited. Not to be outdone, the Pepsi Center scored 67%.

So, when we noticed that the Denver United Church was holding its annual Service in the Park this Sunday, August 1, we had an idea for a real urban adventure. Following the service at Confluence Park, people can be baptized…in the river. We happened by the event last year and were surprised they really did it. Full submersion baptism in the sparkling Platte River. And, if you’re lucky, a heavy rain might help clean the banks of Cherry Creek in time for everything to flow down to the river.

Here’s the adventure idea. Suitable for teams, or relay groups. Go to Union Station and check out a BCycle. Ride to REI and check it in. (Short trips avoid any usage charge) Get yourself baptized in the river. Check out another BCycle. Ride to Coors Field for the Cubs game. (Changing clothes optional) Check the bike in. Try a few of the food stands in the stadium. Enjoy the Rockies beating the Cubs. Go home and wait.

This is only for the real Urban Adventurer, always on the lookout for new risks to take. Even close to home.

Street Watch: M.O.T.S. for July 30 Weekend

Read about Street Closures and on-going construction on our Street Watch page…every week!

At the Other End of the Tracks…

The design for DIA’s end of the rail tracks was presented today by Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. It includes the airport rail station, a hotel and the plaza connecting them both to the existing terminal. You can view a really neat, 3 minute video from the Denver Post HERE.

Calatrava has sought to maintain and complement the original Curt Fentress-designed icon of DIA.

So, if you are one of the hundreds of people who could NOT get in to Calatrava’s talk at the Denver Art Museum last night, marvel in this work. Last night’s talk, by the way, should be viewable on Channel 8 within a couple of weeks. Rock star, artist, engineer, architect. And, we can all go there in 2016…from our end of the tracks to the other end!

Ice Cream? Well, You Can Always Get an Eskimo Pie at the 7-Eleven!

If asked, only one year ago, where to go for ice cream on the 16th Street Mall, you may have been very hard-pressed. But, in that short time, the freeze on Mall ice cream has thawed to a flow of choices.

People will sort themselves out to preferences in style or flavors or sincerity of their favorites. But, at !6th and Champa (Yes, it is there, you just have to look in the basement), there’s Dairy Queen. You may have seen the lame dancing cone promoting the place when it opened. Soft-serve ice cream that, frankly, a lot of people like. The Slice has even been made aware of lab tests that show that a Dairy Queen Strawberry Shortcake has many of the same properties as “the hair of the dog” if you know what I mean.

We saw the mobs last week at the opening of Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt at 16th and Glenarm. This, too, has its following and is building its way eastward from the California base. Second store in Denver. They promote the tanginess of their product under the umbrella of “Swirly Goodness.” Their website actually has a catchy little pseudo-pop hip hop theme at the front page. Probably not cubicle-safe.

And, a block away, between Glenarm and Welton, Amore Gelato. We wrote about it here on June 17. Terrific home-grown and locally operated classic. And, those outside tables are usually full! But, no catchy theme song…yet!

Downtown Living: Baseball, Monster Ball and a Bunch of Clowns!

What more can you ask for? Living Downtown is a constantly evolving play with a different act every day. Take the coming week for example. Three things stand out in the wandering Slice mind.

Tuesday, July 27, our beloved Rockies come back (or, crawl back) from a long road-trip to face Pittsburgh for three games. Let’s hope they are more or less in the same position as when they left. Time for baseball.

But, just down the street, on Wednesday, Lady Gaga arrives with her “Monster Ball” tour at the Pepsi Center. Baseball and Monster Ball will collide for the biggest night of the year for pedi-cab drivers. Watch out!

Then, send in the clowns. Ultimately, the most entertaining event of any week Downtown is the Wednesday night bike ride taken by the Denver Cruisers. They don’t like to talk about themselves lest they spread the word and too many people show up. Every week has a theme and this week it is “Clowns”. You risk seeing hundreds of clowns plying the downtown streets, riding by the rules, and having a very good time. It’s a great parade.

This last week, their theme was, fittingly, the Tour de France. We were witness to the passage of at least one Marie Antoinnette and a cycling French Chef complete with a set dining table, candle and bottle of wine! Just a few weeks ago, on “Dress” night, what appeared to be a record number of merrymakers rode 15th Street to the openings of “Objectophilia” and the MCA. Proof that anyone can look good riding a bicycle wearing a dress!

Street Watch: Scooters, Bikes, Boats, or Flowers. Pick your Favorite!

Be sure to visit our Street Watch page for traffic…or fun…impacts in Downtown this weekend!

Look Them in the Eye!

Tonight, July 21, is your chance to meet the candidates. Wander over to the Wynkoop Brewery this evening between 6 and 8 for a Candidate’s Forum, sponsored by the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association, Downtown Denver Residents Organization, the Ballpark Neighborhood Association, the Golden Triangle Neighborhood Association and LoDo District.

The candidates (or, according to the release, their “representatives”) will appear for the Governor, United States Senate, State Senate and the State House races.

An advantage of living in Downtown Denver is the ability to attend events like this on a fairly constant basis and stay well-informed. Take the opportunity today to look these candidates in the eye and see if they talk to you or through you. And, have a beer!