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Spring Popping Up in Downtown!

Ahh, Spring! Plenty going on, so watch for more blogs over the next few days. The Big Game dashing to get open. Rockies Baseball home opener is this Friday! Lots of unused rail tracks to be removed over the next 30 days. Hole getting bigger every day for the underground bus station behind Union Station. DUSPA reports the valley is disappearing at the rate of 35-40 trucks a day!

And, how about the dock being removed at the Saddlery Building? Now, at least for a while, people won’t think that it was just a raised sidewalk, getting to the Tattered Cover end only to climb down an awkward ladder. Almost as many people did that as drove down Wynkoop toward Manny’s Bridge thinking they were going the right way. Which suburbs do they come from. Denver by the Slice will do a survey!

Bring on the Rockies, bring on the flowers, bring on the cold beer on the warm patios!

Believe It or Not! Iconic Kansas Eatery to Land in LoDo!

Just when every new restaurant opening seems to feature hamburgers, something new and wonderful, it’s own food group, is planned for the Union Station area of LoDo in Downtown Denver. Bring on the fried chicken!

The second location of Al’s Chickenette is coming soon! And, it will smell good!

The Hays, Kansas landmark plans to land as soon as possible. According to PR maven, Ima Fulun, two sites are at the top of consideration. “We were sitting in Noel’s truck one day on Wynkoop Street, and we were amazed at all the people coming to the ballgame, or rushing to the trains. We’ve got to put our place here, we thought.”

Fulun says they are considering anchoring the new IMA “wing” building next to the station, or thinking it likely that one of the first floor restaurants in the Ice House will vacate soon. “Either will be a great spot, filling the neighborhood with the irresistible smell of fried!”

Al’s Chickenette, opened in Hays in 1949 by Al Bieker, serves fried chicken, fried steaks, fried potatoes and other fried items, parts and desserts. The homey atmosphere will add a throwback décor to the historic area that we haven’t seen in a while.

Al’s plans patio seating and a walk-up take-away window.

“The window will surely become an important stop for a lot of people,” said Fulun. “We’ll have a special ‘Bag-o-Rockies” for people to grab and take to the game. That’s fried giblets, livers and stuff, crispy things.”

“And, for commuters, we will have a special R-T-D Threepack, three of our ‘Really Tasty Drumsticks’. They can go on the train, the bus or to the office, solving a lot of fried cravings.” Fulun says their Three Legged Chickens are one of the most popular menu items in Kansas.

Al’s Chickenette LoDo has already arranged with the Wynkoop Brewery to have their own beer made for them. Called “The Chick-n-ator”, the brew promises to have wings. “Beer for fried chicken needs a clean palate to complement the chicken juices.”

Fulun said the location is perfect, because with it, they won’t have to change the masthead of their website where it says, “Just South of the Choo Choo Tracks.”

She declined to say why the announcement of the location was being made on April First, months, if not years, before anything will happen.

Special Announcement Tomorrow on the Slice!

Watch for tomorrow’s Denver by the Slice Exclusive…yet another new LoDo restaurant!