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Civil War Guerrilla Fighters Have Sandwich Named After Them at New Wazee Eatery!

Starting in early April, you can get an Avalanche, a Fourteener, a Dolomite, a Trailhead, or a Bushwhacker all to go. That’s from the new Backcountry Provisions specialty sandwich shop/deli sliding into the former William Matthews Gallery space near 16th and Wazee in LoDo. Let’s hope they keep the outside wall mural.

This small group of shops is based in Steamboat Springs and has stores in Ft. Collins and Jackson Hole as well. Many LoDo residents have thought having more sandwiches nearby was a good idea. So, undoubtedly, these will find their way to lofts, offices, the ballpark and the Ski Train. (Wishful thinking!) Prices posted in the window while work goes on are nearly all lower than $8.00. And, in case you are wondering, the Bushwhacker sandwich consists of Curry Chicken Salad with almonds, Granny Smith apples, smoked gouda and romaine. Don’t fight over it!

Our Very Own Bridge to…Somewhere!

Another portal to the Union Station area opened today. The new Union Gateway Bridge takes pedestrians over the rail lines and into the Riverfront Park area at 18th Street. For right now, there is a bit more there there than on the downtown side, but of course that will change. Do not confuse this with that famous far north “Bridge to Nowhere“, as our Somewhere is well under way!

And, speaking of bridges, traffic and development news, DUSPA announced two more developments in the construction process. Auto traffic on Wewatta between 16th and 19th is shifted to the north side, and is one lane in each direction beginning today, March 5. All of you drivers should enjoy that for the next two years, according to DUSPA.

And, walking to the Millenium Bridge from the station will shift to the south side of the light rail tracks for the next two years, as the main walk will be closed. That will start the week of March 15th. Watch out for the trains!

Hello world!

Denver by the Slice is moving to this web location, but we have to build the site first. Keep posted in the meantime at Thanks, we’ll all┬ábe here soon!

Slice Art Flash! Could this be the Next LoDo Lights?

March has come to Downtown Denver like a lamb. So, Denver by the Slice, seeing this video, thinks we may be on to a good idea for the next LoDo Lights installation. What do you think? Take a look here:

Panzano Does Denver Restaurant Week the Right Way!

Halfway through the 2-week long Denver Restaurant Week, Panzano was running as efficiently as a Swiss railroad on a very busy Friday night. And, it really was a good deal!

Chef Elise Wiggins knew they would be busy, having served over 3700 meals during the event last year. We would guess she is on her way to a new record this year. Every space taken, only running a few minutes late, but adding a layer of quality and efficiency every Denver diner should strive to experience. Panzano didn’t bother with pared down portions, or even a special menu for Restaurant Week. They simply put some of their best regular items, along with the regular prices showing, for a FOUR course meal that was memorable.

If you wanted to add up the real prices and compare what you paid ($26.40 for one, $52.80 for two) you would easily see you were eating for about half-price!

Here’s one combination that worked: Crespelle ai Funghi, Insalata Mista, Gamberi Griglia and Pumpkin Canoli. And, here’s another: Anatra Mousse con Zeppole, Zuppa, Pappardelle alla Bolognese and Sorbetti. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Service from our waiter Dumitri was precise and perfectly paced. Not too fast, not too slow. You could take a sip or two of wine between courses, but not get overly anxious for the next. Pacing is critical to a good dining experience. Dumitri is a professional, and even though he was lamenting having a few “inexperienced” new team members for the promotional rush, you would not know it from the service level and quality.

There’s just a few days left. See if you can get in here. Some restaurants either really stretch to offer a meal worth $26.40, or they just go through the paces hoping the two weeks go by fast.

Panzano will get our return visit. You just know when everything has gone right! And, did I mention that this is a really good deal?